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IPads in the Classroom By: Amanda Anders Brianna Melvin Alyssa Moser.

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1 iPads in the Classroom By: Amanda Anders Brianna Melvin Alyssa Moser

2 iPads in the Classroom  Today’s generation of students, kindergarten through high school, have grown up around technology  Educational games/applications are appealing visually, audibly and interactively  Special Education students benefit from iPad use and applications for several reasons  ~Games and activities can be adapted to the individual’s disability or need  ~Using a touch screen is often easier, and children with some disabilities find writing with a utensil difficult and unproductive  ~In a group setting, instructors can have each student working on something different that fits their unique IEP goals.

3 Observation in a Special Education Resource Room Park Math: Park math is an application for early elementary aged students that allows them to sharpen their mathematical skills while having fun with animals in the park. Counting, adding and subtracting, patterns, equality, and more are included in the games. Park math has been a great tool for a young girl who is mentally retarded. Sentence Builder: Sentence Builder is an application for elementary students which allows them to see an illustration and determine which tenses and uses of words are appropriate to complete a descriptive sentence. Sentence Builder has been a helpful and encouraging part of a girl’s education that has a specific learning disability. The activities are simple, clear, and make learning enjoyable.

4 Cost Comparison iPadPriceTextbooksPrice Device (iPad 2) $499 eachDevice (spiral notebook) $2.59 each Case ( $90 eachCaseFree Applications (iTunes U) FreeApplicationsn/a iBooks*$15 or lessTextbooks* (text and lab manual/ practice notebook average) $87.71 TOTAL (initial cost) $604TOTAL (for each subject, per year) $90.30 * These are the same books (eBooks and Textbooks) made by McGraw-Hill ©2012 Over time the iPad is more cost-effective than traditional textbooks and manuals. The iPad will make up for its cost after the first 6 traditional textbooks and notebooks are purchased.

5 Value of the iPad Traditional Back Pack Textbooks Manuals/ Workbooks Calculator Writing Utensils (pens, pencils, highlighters) Erasers/ White Out Notebooks File Transfer Device (thumb drive, disc etc.) Note Cards MP3 Player With the implementation of the iPad all of those supplies can be consolidated into one convenient device. This is not including countless other classroom and personal resources. iBooks alone surpass the value of traditional textbooks.

6 Conclusion  iPads will enable students to research, write, and play educational games during and after school hours.  Pertaining to special needs students, games and activities can be adjusted and adapted for each student’s needs and abilities.  The iPad will end up paying for itself when the students will not need to purchase school supplies such as expensive textbooks, writing materials, etc.

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