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Critical literacy, current events and the common core Dr. C. Pescatore Mrs. M. Korducavich.

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1 Critical literacy, current events and the common core Dr. C. Pescatore Mrs. M. Korducavich

2 Traditional view of education (Paulo Freire) Textbooks > facts “Knowledge” is absolute Teachers: deposit knowledge using drill, repetition, notetaking and formulaic writing Students: passive Lecture, not discussion or dialogue Domesticating education

3 Critical Literacy Goes beyond functional literacy … create active members of a democracy “Knowledge” > constructed, historical, cultural Evaluate text for power relations, bias, agenda … the ideas in text are not absolute, but a reality is being created Reveal injustices and inequalities Consider social action

4 Empowering education Encourages students to question text Encourages dialogue more than lecture Co-creates understandings with students No privileged point of view … all points of view appreciated and relevant Moving beyond reading and writing Goal: active citizens of a democracy

5 Critical consciousness Awakening of an individual to the idea that knowledge is not absolute, that inequities exist in society, and that we should work for social justice

6 Six Shifts in ELA Literacy Balancing informational and literary texts Building knowledge in the disciplines Staircase of complexity Text-based answers and rich, rigorous conversations (rigor) Writing from sources Academic vocabulary

7 Analyzing Nonfiction Articles Whose viewpoint is expressed? What does the author or text want us to believe? How can you tell? Whose voices are missing or silenced? How might alternatives be represented? What action might you take as a result? (McLaughlin & DeVoogd)

8 “Back Where He Belongs” (Boy Scout utensil article) Diction noticed to determine writer’s tone “overly zealous” “overreacted” “ inflicting damage” “painful” “handcuffing” “hauled off to jail” “minor skirmishes” “disproportionate punishments” “relieved”

9 Repetition of “minor” The writer is upset that this happened Examples given are food fights and shoving But worse things than these occur … And weapons endanger all Need to hear from superintendants, principals, parents, Zachary, other students

10 Develop research skills Begin with an article in the news examine title look closely at diction chosen list the examples given ask about the bias Assign the task of finding further articles on the topic. Then, write from sources.

11 Genetics and the Black Death Activity coordinates with English, social studies, science Satisfies the shifts: nonfiction rigor academic vocabulary builds knowledge in content area research further info and write from sources

12 What is the common understanding of the Black Death? Social studies text page handout Traditionally there is one explanation for the cause of the Black Death

13 The Activity ….. Use article in news Sept. 6, 2012: “Girl with bubonic plague saved by quick- thinking doctor” (ABC News) Use article from Dec. 2011: “Genetic clues to what really caused black death” (NBC) the point: what do these articles indicate about our common understandings?

14 What really caused the Black Death? Send students to do research (in pairs) to see what they can determine Pictures are primary sources and can be clues (pics of all the swollen glands) Reports can be presented on power points rather than a paper ……. Include references


16 What did we discover? Can we be definitive about a Black Death cause? This is an example of how our understandings are historically based and can lead to bias.

17 Why does this matter? The Genetic Times to understand flu third world disease

18 Advantages When kids can find evidence that refutes what is in a textbook, it is empowering. Students are very interested in news items. Sometimes they are moved to action. All the research can be done in front of a computer.

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