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Job Shadowing 8 th Grade Blue Team Year Long Assignment.

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1 Job Shadowing 8 th Grade Blue Team Year Long Assignment

2 Concept  Determine a career according to your interests  Shadow someone in the work place for four hours  Reflect on the career

3 HOLLAND Code  Survey used to determine an individual’s personality type  Personality types help in narrowing career interests  Consists of three letters  Code is generic, no one code is better than another

4 Categories  Realistic – outdoorsy, mechanical, physically active, competitive, assertive  Investigative – curious, inquisitive, questions things, observes rather than acts  Artistic – creative, original, independent, inventive  Social – friendly, outgoing, compassionate  Enterprising – self confident, ambitious, determined, business oriented  Conventional – organized, self sufficient, practical, like rules and regulations

5 Precise Definitions  Visit  ePersonality.pdf ePersonality.pdf  _Code.pdf _Code.pdf  personality/holland-personality-types.html personality/holland-personality-types.html


7 HOLLAND Handout  Code was discovered this morning  Definitions were described  Additional information can be found online  Handout is due on Monday, September 16th

8 Observation Hours  Does not have to be four consecutive hours  Has to be outside of the school day  Vacations  After or before school  Weekends  Can’t skip school to observe  Complete by Friday, February 21

9 Who to Observe  Parent  Friend of the family  Relative  Career observed must fall within your HOLLAND code  See me if you can not find a representative


11 Before Observing  Schedule an observation time  Check on what you should wear  Ask about taking pictures or video  Prepare your materials  Writing utensil  Notes page  Review the notes page…make sure that you understand each item


13 Oral Presentation in March  Include all eight items included on the notes page  Speak for at least seven minutes  Use proper language  Use proper expression  Maintain proper posture  Maintain eye contact  Speak loudly

14 Supportive Visual Aid  Diagrams or charts (computer generated)  Power Point presentations  Video/movie  Prezi presentation  Computer graphics (realistic pictures; no clipart)

15 Visual  Be creative  Think outside of the box  Produce a printed copy of the visual or provide a link AND  Turn in a flahshdrive with your visual saved

16 Questions? Comments? Concerns?  Return signed signature slip by Tuesday, September 10th

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