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Understanding Colonial Unrest

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1 Understanding Colonial Unrest
Ms. Muse

2 Objectives of Lesson Describe the significance of the following events in relation to the American Revolution: Proclamation of 1763 The Quartering Act The Stamp Act Townshend Acts Boston Massacre Boston Tea Party The Intolerable Acts First Continental Congress Lexington and Concord Define boycott, quarter, militia, minutemen Explain “taxation without representation”

3 Checklist of Materials Needed
Information sheets on events preceding American Revolution Chart to take notes Colonial “Unrest-o-Meter” Writing Utensil

4 Key Vocabulary Boycott – to refuse to buy something for political reasons Quarter – to give someone housing Militia – citizens who serve as soldiers in emergencies Minutemen – members of the militia who are ready to fight in a moment’s notice

5 Taxation without Representation
This is what colonists called it when Britain would tax them without allowing them to have representatives in Parliament. Today, we have representatives in Congress that decide whether or not we will be taxed. If we disapprove of a tax, we let our representatives know and they will vote against it.

6 Choose roles: Facilitator – leads discussion, makes sure all members contribute Deliverer – keeps group on time, delivers info. sheet to next group Meter Mover – reads information aloud, moves bar on unrest-o-meter Presenter – presents group’s opinion on one event at the end of the activity

7 Step 1: Look at the name of the event on the info. sheet and find the corresponding row on the chart to take notes. Look at the picture, then read the information on the back. Summarize the main ideas of the event on your chart. Now decide how upset the colonists were by the event, or at the time of the event, on a scale of 0-8 (0 = not upset) Write the score on your chart in PENCIL and explain your choice. You have 10 minutes with each event. HERE’S THE CATCH: When you are done with all 9 events, there should only be 36 blocks covered on your graph total.

8 Step 2: Now you will present the event that your group last discussed to the class. Your presenter will tell us the name of the event, a summary of what happened, the score you gave it and the reason behind the score. I will record your score on the class chart. By the end of our discussion, the class chart should only have 36 blocks on it.

9 Class Colonial Unrest-O-Meter

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