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FLHD 1950 Accessories Applied Name: Megan Westwood St. #: D120.

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1 FLHD 1950 Accessories Applied Name: Megan Westwood St. #: D120

2 SC1:1

3 SC2

4 SC2 I would completely take out all of the other silver wear holders and just use this one. There are too many holders with only three different utensils. This new holder will create more space giving the counter more room. There are way too many silver wear cup holders than is actually necessary. The students if they wish, could use that extra counter space to put their lunch trays on the counter while gathering their silver wear if they would like.

5 SC3

6 SC3 Picture 2: I have chosen this art piece to add vibrant color and give the tone of the room a warm mood placed on the West wall. Picture 3: I chose to place this wall hanging on the East wall because it is full of many colors giving the room a little more character.

7 SC4

8 SC4 On this wall I would remove the photo of the girl because it doesn’t fit in with the cafeterias theme. If the cafeteria were a old fashioned diner theme then that would fit in just great but it sort of stands out of place to me so I would emit it completely.

9 SC5

10 SC5 A clock will add more character and give off a different feel if this clock were to be placed on the right side a little bit above the wall picture. This office organizer will help this office be more organized and give the desk more room and free space for working.

11 Justification: NumberDecorativeFunctionalOrganicInorganicPrinciplesElements SC1ClockYesNoYesScale, BalanceForm and Color SC1Flower StandNo YesEmphasisForm, Shape, Vertical Line SC2Utensil HolderYesNoYesProportion, Space, Mass Space, Function SC3Hanging Waterfall NoYes-Sort ofPartsRhythm & Harmony Mass, Texture SC3Picture 2No YesScale & Proportion Light, Color SC3Picture 3No YesEmphasisLight, Balance SC4MirrorYesNoYesProportionLine, Texture SC4Wall Flower Holder NoYes-Sort ofPartsBalance, ScalePattern, Mass SC5ClockYesNoYesHarmony, Balance Space, Line SC5Office Organizer Yes No-partsScale & Proportion Space, Mass

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