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Welcome to Mrs. Krelie’s Social Studies 7 Class!.

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1 Welcome to Mrs. Krelie’s Social Studies 7 Class!

2 What am I going to need for class?  Assigned text book  Pencil/pen (blue or black ink only)  Agenda  Chapter Folder  Positive attitude  Post it notes and highlighters will be available.

3  What are we going to learn about? Sample Learning Target I can describe a social, political, and economic cause to the American Revolution. Pre-History to Reconstruction

4 What are we going to read? American Journey: Textbook My Brother Sam is Dead: Novel Document Based Questions

5 What are the classroom expectations? Please leave cell phone in locker. Be to class on time. Use the restroom/get a drink before you enter classroom. Immediately begin work on bellringer. Keep track of all class handouts. Thank you for not writing on the whiteboard, touching the shades or windows, or sitting on the desks or counters.

6 What are the 7 th grade expectations? The only acceptable forms of writing utensils are pencil or blue/black ink. All papers must include your first and last name. Always come to class prepared (this includes your chapter folder, your book, your agenda, and a writing utensil). Everyday! Listen to when a teacher or classmate is talking. Please do not touch anything that doesn’t belong to you. Sharpen your pencil before class begins. “Golden Rule”

7 What can I do to succeed in SS 7? Be on time to class. Do not bring food/ drink other than water into classroom in a clear container. Fully participate in all group performance tasks. Complete homework on time. Use time in AIS, study halls, working study halls, OASIS, homebase,advisements wisely. Write down all assignments in planner or check Grade 7

8 Bellringers Write down ENTIRE question on handout Answer question individually in a complete sentence. If you do not finish in allotted time, please complete for Practice. Will be collected every Friday for grade.

9 What should my behavior look like?  Entering the classroom  Leaving the classroom (push in chairs!)

10 What should my behavior look like? When you’re throwing away materials When you’re working on a computer

11  When we’re ready to work?  When I need a writing utensil?  When Mrs. Krelie is absent and a sub is in the room?  When a classmate or a teacher is talking? What should my behavior look like?

12 What does SLANT mean? Sit Up Both feet should be flat on the floor, your back straight, your head up and facing the speaker, and your hands on top of your desk. Sitting with proper posture helps you pay better attention to lessons, and interact more with discussions and activities. Lean Forward Leaning forward will show you are interested in the lesson and you are listening. Ask Questions Stay on the topic and ask meaningful, interested questions about the discussion and activities. Your question might help others understand the lesson better too. Nod Yes and No Nodding your head shows the teacher you understand the lesson. It is a non-verbal conversation between you and the teacher. Track the Speaker This will help you stay focused on the performance task.

13  40% Tests, DBQ’s  30% Quizzes  20% Practice  10% Classwork (individual work, Bellringers) __________________ 100% - Marking Period Grade  Students will received grade sheet with a list of missing assignments EVERY FRIDAY Grading Points system

14 Study Buddy  For each class pick a person who can be called your “study buddy.”  This will be the person that you are to contact if you are absent to see what we did in class.  Also, be sure to always check with your teacher.

15 What if I’m absent? It is YOUR responsibility to make up missed work; “I wasn’t here” is not an answer or an excuse not to do work. Check Absent Folders on Board and description of assignment below! Please see me during flex, lunch, advisement, or after school if you have questions about missing work. You may also email me at

16 What if I am absent from class, but still in school?  If it is a band or chorus lesson, you must be responsible and let your teacher know so we can mark your attendance properly.  Pre-signed passes must be provided.  You are still expected to have that work completed during that same day. You do NOT get extra time to do work, if you are absent due to in-school lessons or meetings.  Study Buddy!

17 What if I need to leave the room?  Fill out pass for me to sign  Fill out Sign-Out Log  Pre-signed pass What if the phone rings? You are quiet and respectful! Students are not allowed to answer the phone.

18 What if an adult comes into the room?  Continue to be a good KNIGHT!

19 What if I have to take a test?  Some students do better if they are in a separate location. Our district has a testing center!  It is located the last door on the right of the E Wing. Mrs. Tuscany will help you!

20 What is Practice?  See practice rubric (homework rubric).  This is the same in all 7 th grade classes.  In SS, work is assigned on Monday and due on Friday. ( you will have more time with longer assignments)  Work can be turned in at any time. (put it in the appropriate period/box by door)

21 Fire Drill  What do I do?  Where do I stand?  What should it look like outside?  What should it look like walking back inside?

22 How Do I Make My 7 th Grade Year Successful? “Do not, I repeat DO NOT go to your locker after every class. You only get 3 minutes between class.” “Carry your stuff for your first 4 periods of class.” “Keep your locker organized so when you go to classes it will be easier to get your things and head to class quicker and not be tardy.” “If you want to play in sports or do clubs you have to behave and get good grades. And whenever you need help just check with your teacher to see if they are staying after…”

23 “…you have a lot of homework and if you don’t do it then you will end up failing.” “You get more freedom in the hallways but do not skip your teachers will find out and track you down.” “If a teachers asks you to do something…do it with a polite attitude.” “Don’t get frustrated if you’re called ‘little kids’”. “If you are struggling you NEED to ask for help. I am in all honors and I am because I work hard, and if I had trouble, I would ask for help.”

24  “Asking for help is not going to kill you.”  “Don’t forget to join some clubs while you’re here!”  “You may think the teachers are a little harsh but they are just preparing your for the road ahead in high school.”  “Homework doesn’t seem like a big part of your average but if you get 3 or 4 homeworks not turned in, it can drop your average 2 point. Those 2 points could get you in honor roll.”  “Do not do Mrs. Painter’s homework at the last minute. That will get you nowhere!”  Give Mrs. Krelie gum!”

25 Other Info  Student Teacher – October 20 th.


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