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Using Recipes Objective: Demonstrate measurement procedures, equivalents and conversions.

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1 Using Recipes Objective: Demonstrate measurement procedures, equivalents and conversions.

2 A well written recipe includes the following: Name of INGREDIENTS and AMOUNTS needed. YEILD: # OF PEOPLE THE RECIPE SERVES Essential information about PREPARATION and COOKING - such as Bake at 350 F for 25 minutes. Step-by-step INSTRUCTIONS. NUTRITIONAL informational (helpful but not required)


4 Let’s Measure! Using the correct measuring utensil and the correct amount of an ingredient is essential when cooking or baking!

5 Dry Ingredients What are 3 examples of dry ingredients you might have to measure? – – –

6 Steps to Measuring Dry Ingredients Use dry measuring cups Place waxed paper under measuring cup. Why? TO CATCH SPILLED INGREDIENTS Gently spoon ingredient into correct measuring cup, piling high. DO NOT MEASURE OVER THE MIXING BOWL. Why? MAY GET EXTRA IN THE BOWL (TOO MUCH) Level off with a metal spatula or straight side of the knife. DO NOT PACK DOWN OR TAP THE MEASURING CUP. Why? GETS TOO MUCH Pour into the mixing bowl.

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8 Special Ingredients Special ingredients include: – PEANUT BUTTER – BROWN SUGAR These ingredients must be packed down. Use a spoon and press into the cup. WHY?

9 Shortening Pack into dry measuring cup (USE PLASTIC WRAP FOR EASY CLEANING) The same can be done for peanut butter also!! Follow markings on the wrapper Water Displacement: USE A LIQUID MEASURING CUP – Subtract the amount to be measured from 1 c. The difference is the amount of water to be poured in the measuring cup. – Spoon in shortening until the water rises to the 1 c. mark. – Pour off the water and remove shortening with a rubber spatula.

10 Liquids Liquids include: water, milk, juice, vegetable or olive oil. Steps: Set LIQUID measuring cup on a LEVEL surface. Pour liquid into measuring cup. Check amount at eye level. Why? SO YOU DON’T GET TOO MUCH OR TOO LITTLE Add more or pour off until the top of the liquid is at the desired mark.

11 Small Amounts of Ingredients (dry or liquid) Use MEASURING SPOONS. Dry ingredients need to be LEVELED off with a spatula. – Examples: CINNAMON, SALT, SPICES Dc

12 Butter Butter: use the markings on the wrapper OR measure in dry measuring cup. (* Use same methods as shortening) Bw8

13 Abbreviations: Review Teaspoon= ______Tablespoon= ______ Cup= _______Pint= ______ Quart= ______Gallon= ______ Ounce= ______Pound= ______

14 Equivalents: While watching the video, fill in the equivalents below. FhAk FhAk 1 c.= ______ oz.1 gal= ____ qt. 1 pt.= _____ c.1 gal= ____ c. 1 qt.= _____ pt.

15 Measuring Match Up… GO!!

16 Measuring Lab: Ingredient List for Recipe Oatmeal Cookies ¼ c. + 2T. shortening ½ c. + 2 T. brown sugar 1 egg 2 T. milk ¾ tsp. vanilla 1 ½ c. quick oats, uncooked ½ c. all-purpose flour ¼ tsp. baking soda ¼ tsp. salt Dash cinnamon ½ c. raisins

17 Lab Plan FOODS LAB PLANNING FORM Lab Leader_____________________Class Block #_____ Recipe______________________________Date of Lab__________ Top portion of LAB FORM is to be filled out by the LAB LEADER!

18 Ingredients & Equipment: Ingredients: Equipment: This side is to be completed by the Assistant Chef. ONLY list ingredients NOT amounts! This side is to be completed by the Equipment Chef We will work as a class to complete this portion of the form.

19 Measure: Team Member/Job Head ChefAssistant ChefEquipment ChefSanitation Chef Fill Wash Tub X Get Ingredients X Get Equipment X Measure LAB TEAM WORK PLAN

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