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For: Occupational therapists working with the geriatric population By: Diane Brett.

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1 For: Occupational therapists working with the geriatric population By: Diane Brett

2  The introduction of new adaptive equipment and software will:  Help occupational therapists provide exceptional care and treatment for all patients.  Increase patient satisfaction.  Increase revenue by increasing patient volume.

3 Benefits of Adaptive Equipment  Improve the quality of life for the geriatric population.  To help restore confidence and independence with ADL’s  To provide safety and stability for the elderly.

4  By placing this piece of equipment on a person’s finger you can measure:  Heart rate  Oxygenated blood levels  It is essential that OT’s have this device when working with the elderly because it assesses a patient’s need for oxygen.  If oxygen levels drop too low, this device will tell the OT to continue or stop the session.  This device is relatively inexpensive and will improve the treatment given to each patient. Cost: $66 ADC 2100 Digital Fingertip OLED Pulse Oximeter

5  This functional device will give your patients the ability to live more independently.  By squeezing the handle, patients with limited mobility will be able to pick up:  Soda bottles  Coins  Remote controls  Pieces of paper, etc.  This piece of equipment is inexpensive.  The reacher will supply your therapists with more tools to show their patients. Cost: $7 Mabis 32" Aluminum Reacher w/ Magnetic Tip

6  By placing the sock on the end of the sock aid, patients will be able to put their socks on independently.  This piece of equipment is good for patients who have difficulty:  Bending at the hip  Lifting up their legs  Bending the knee  The sock aid is low-priced  Necessity when working with the geriatric population and will benefit many. Cost: $10- $35 Complete Medical Supplies Inc. 10607A Sock Aid Formed w/Foam Handles

7  This piece of adaptive equipment is good for people who have:  Parkinson's disease  Hand tremors  Loss of muscle mass in the hand and arms  Weighted eating utensils will:  Give patients more control and stability during meals  Give patients a better grasp of the utensil  Restore patients confidence with eating  Relatively inexpensive  Easy to use Cost: $66 Medline The 920679 - Utensil EZ Large Grip Weighted Set of 4

8  VHI allows therapists to design exercises and techniques for patients to do at home.  VHI covers all areas of therapy, some including:  Activities of daily living  Amputee Rehab (upper/lower extremity)  Balance Rehab  Aquatic Rehab, etc Cost: $321 VHI Software Kit; Geriatric Exercise/Rehab

9  Patients will have a step by step plan on how to correctly do exercises.  This software will:  Increase patients progress  Assist therapists throughout sessions  Increase revenue by improving quality of treatment

10  The functional pieces of equipment and software program described will benefit:  the patient  the occupational therapist  your facility!


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