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Course Description Have you ever wondered….. Why do people dream? How does stress affect health? Why are some memories so vivid? Maybe you are curious.

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1 Course Description Have you ever wondered….. Why do people dream? How does stress affect health? Why are some memories so vivid? Maybe you are curious about the ways people learn. Every day, psychologists study a fascinating topic---- people! Why do they do this? To learn why people act and think the way they do.

2 Course Objectives The student will identify the goals of psychology, and explain how psychology is a science. The student will list and explain the steps scientists follow in conducting scientific research. The student will evaluate the methods used by psychologists to study the role of heredity in determining traits. The student will define gender roles and gender stereotypes, and explain the difference between the two terms. The student will identify the factors that determine one’s response to stress. The student will demonstrate the basis the for classifying psychological disorders. The student will analyze the nature of consciousness.

3 Psychology A Class Syllabus

4 Government A Class Syllabus

5 Course Objectives The student will demonstrate a knowledge of Missouri’s governmental history and constitution. The student will exhibit an understanding and appreciation for the democratic processes of the United States and how these process affect the individual citizen. The student will demonstrate orally and in writing the basic rights guaranteed by the United States Constitution and their individual responsibilities as a citizen of our nation. The student will demonstrate a respect and appreciation for the American culture and traditions which have been preserved for more than 200 years. The student will demonstrate knowledge of the political institutions of the United States, how they conduct the business of government and the impact their decisions have on the lives of private citizens. The student will demonstrate an understanding and appreciation for our democratic principles that result in a free economic system.

6 American History A Class Syllabus

7 Course Objectives 1. Students will understand the United States as one nation from many different backgrounds and perspectives. 2. Students will explain the growth and changes of democracy with the Constitution in American political life and students will understand the ideals and practices of citizenship. 3. Students will explain the changes in labor throughout American history. 4. Students will explain the effects of settlement and development throughout American history on the environment.

8 Course Materials 1. Boyer, Paul, American Nation, Holt, Rinehart, and Winston, 2005. (provided by teacher) 2. Kelman,Steven, American Government, Holt, Rinehart, and Winston, 2003. (provided by teacher) 3. Rathus, Spencer, Psychology-Principles in Practice, Holt, Rinehart, and Winston, 2003. (provided by the teacher) 4. Spiral Notebook (provided by student) 5. Writing Utensil (provided by student) 6. Folder (provided by student)

9 Grading A = EXCELLENT 90-100 B = GOOD 89-80 C= SATISFACTORY 79-70 D= Minimal 69-60

10 Grades Are Determined By Grades will be determined by the percentage of points accumulated during the quarter from homework, quizzes, tests, papers, in- class assignments, projects, and classroom participation. A total of points earned, divided by points possible. Tests, Quizzes=70% Homework/projects/assignments/ Participation=30%

11 Late Homework Assignments 1. 10% will be deducted from an assignment for each day it is late. 2. Late assignments will only be accepted for one day following the due date. 3. Absent students will be allowed one day for every day missed, following their return, to turn in missed work. 4. Students will have one day to make up a missed exam due to an absence.

12 Attendance/Tardiness Please refer to the Putnam County High School Handbook. The school-wide policy will be strictly enforced and followed in this classroom.

13 Classroom Demeanor As individuals who are fast approaching a time when you will be subject to the “real world”, I expect you to behave in a manner that reflects your age and position as upper classmen at Putnam County High School.

14 Classroom Demeanor Respect (the special esteem or consideration in which one holds another person or thing) a. Respect yourself and others b. Respect your property, others property, the classroom property, and teacher’s property c. Respect the learning environment, clean up after yourself. Please don’t eat or drink in the room-it is messy, disruptive, and encourages visits from ants and other critters d. Electronic devices including cellular phone should be off, put away, and not visible at any time. Listen (to use one’s ears consciously in order to hear) a. Listen to fellow classmates and teacher with open ears and closed mouth b. Do not talk while another classmate or teacher is talking c. Partake in active listening

15 Classroom Demeanor Learn (to acquire knowledge of or skill in by study) a. Participate in class activities and discussions b. Approach each class with a clear head and open mind Prepare (to get ready for, to make necessary steps prior to) a. Bring all required materials to class everyday writing utensil, paper, notebook, folder, textbook, planner Enjoy (to take pleasure or delight in, to have the use, benefit or advantage of) a. Bring a positive attitude to class each day!

16 Classroom Demeanor Plagiarism ( to take ideas, words, or writing and claim them as your own) This applies to your textbook and all other sources you use to get information. Any ideas you did not know before, or any uncommon facts, must be cited-given credit to the author. Copying ideas and/or works from another student, a book, the Internet, magazines, newspapers, or other sources is cheating and will not be allowed without the proper citation. Allowing someone to use or copy your work is cheating, and you will face the same consequences as the student who used your work. Violation of this policy will result in a zero on the entire assignment or exam and referral to the Principal.

17 Welcome to American History My Personal Philosophy of Education General Info: Access notes, assignments, syllabus on school webpage. Teacher: Mrs. DeVore Extension: 353 My Personal Philosophy of Education: I will strive to provide the most academically enriching curriculum possible, in order to assist students in becoming productive citizens who are effective thinkers and communicators. Clear goals, high academic and behavioral expectations, a supportive school climate, and the promotion of healthy self-esteem and respect for all people and cultures will aid me in achieving these goals. Ladies and Gentlemen, it is my honor and pleasure to be able to teach you. I expect great things from you, and I hope you expect great things from me too. I look forward to having a great year with you!

18 Grading Policy (or How to Do Well in this Class) All written work will be graded according to established rubrics (to be distributed later). Your quarterly grade for this class will be based on the following criteria: Learning Process 1.Homework effort (Is your homework complete and on time?) 2.In-class work habits (Do you stay on- task in class? Work independently when appropriate? Complete your class work thoroughly?) 3.Class participation (Do you contribute ideas to class discussions? Do you listen well? Do you cooperate during group work? ) 4.Behavior (Do you observe classroom policies? Do you contribute positively to the classroom environment?) 5.Are you allowing yourself to be creative within the parameters of the assignment? Product Quality 1.Quality of homework ( Is your work accurate and of a high standard?)) 2.Quality of written expression (Is your work clear, articulate, concise, and accurate?) 3.Tests and quizzes (How do you perform on these?) 4.Projects and presentations (Is the quality of your work high?) 5.Evidence of critical thinking (Do you think thoroughly and carefully about the materials?)

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