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WELCOME TO BACK TO SCHOOL NIGHT. Study Skills social skills Mrs. Amy Lafferty, M.Ed. 2014-2015.

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2 Study Skills social skills Mrs. Amy Lafferty, M.Ed. 2014-2015

3 Daily Routine Warm Up Social Skills activity Study Skills activity Lesson Independent work Student Summaries

4 Students are to come to class prepared everyday with the following supplies: writing utensil assignment book materials needed for assignments **Folders for this class are kept in the classroom.

5 Study Skills Setting goals Learning styles Organization Time Management Test taking strategies Self advocacy Behaviors and Consequences Independent Living Activities

6 Social Skills Direct Instruction Social Communication Role-Playing Modeling Lessons

7 Consultants Dr. Walsh – Psycho-educational Counseling 2 x per month Mrs. Joanne Curry – Speech & Language (as described in IEP goal) Mrs. Tara Kohler – Behavior Analyst (as described in IEP goal)

8 Grading Each day students are graded on a (6) point scale. (2) Points for having an assignment book with assignments written down. (2) Points for productivity and cooperation throughout the class period. (2) Points for appropriate socialization with peers and teacher.

9 Assignments will be given to address test-taking strategies, organization, time-management, and social skills. Assignments will be given from the You’re On Your Own Curriculum. All grades are posted in HAC.

10 Collaboration The success of this course is based on the communication and collaboration among the students, teachers, and parents. Teachers are asked to communicate with the study skills teacher when assignments are missing or incomplete. Any incomplete tests or quizzes may also be sent to study skills.

11 While teachers are encouraged to send assignments to study skills, it is optional to do so. Some teachers prefer to meet with the student personally. When assignments are not being completed or the student is unproductive during class, the study skills teacher will contact the parents.

12 My website All activities, class work, and homework are posted on my website. Find the CR North webpage. Click on the “Faculty” tab at the top. Click on “Lafferty” In the left hand margin, click on Study Skills/Social Skills.

13 My website: Mrs. Lafferty's website


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