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Saturday February 7, 2009 12 pm - 5 pm. Cougar Day 2009 Participating Sports Soccer Softball Track and Field Wrestling Tennis Golf Swimming Baseball Purpose:

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1 Saturday February 7, 2009 12 pm - 5 pm

2 Cougar Day 2009 Participating Sports Soccer Softball Track and Field Wrestling Tennis Golf Swimming Baseball Purpose: To introduce Cy-Creek’s boys and girls Spring 2009 teams and coaches. Some Teams will scrimmage or just show off their talent in other ways.

3 Cougar Day 2009 Activities Cougar Corner Cake Walk Booster Club Membership Selling of Spring Program Ads Face Painting Silent Auction Baked Potato Sale Photo Button Sale Team & Individual Player Pictures for Spring Program

4 Cougar Day 2009 Tentative Itinerary 10:30 AM to 12 PM - Set up & Decorating 11:30 AM – Baked Potatoes go on sale till about 3 PM 12:00 to 4:30 PM – Concession stand, Cougar Corner, Silent Auction and all other booths open. Silent Auction will end at 3:00 12:30 to 1:30 PM – Team scrimmages and intersquads; details to come 1:45 to 2:15 PM – Sub-varsity teams introduced * 2:15 to 3:15 PM – Varsity players introduced * 3:30 to ? – Baseball intersquads Remember: the purpose of the event is to support all the athletes so please stay seated until all the teams and players are introduced; its never fun to be the last one introduced, but we will try our best to rotate the introductions. This is currently being reviewed by the coaches; a final version will be communicated soon. This is subject to change

5 Cougar Day 2009 Publicity Add to school Marquee Hang Banner day of event Find printer to donate a few signs advertising event (who makes our yard signs?) Advertise for event via press releases; contact CCTV, KTRH, Contact area merchants, churches, elementary & middle schools to advertise event -- fliers Update all school websites and communications with date of event -Booster Club website & email communication -School website -VIPs email -Possible contact: add to Bleyl Marquee email communication -Invite Bleyl and Hamilton athletic teams to attend and participate? Linette Roach and Jeneane Schultz will help out with most of these tasks, but if anyone else can provide any assistance, that would be great

6 Cougar Day 2009 Individual Sport Booths Each team will be given a table to market their sport Liaisons or coaches can provide helpful information to the parents regarding the season: schedules, rosters, etc. Liaisons can sign up parents to work concession stands for home games (if game schedule is available)

7 Cougar Day 2009 Other Booths Media Guide – ads can be purchased for the Spring edition; get your spot in the guide of your player or your company Cougar Corner – purchase all your Creek gear, like t-shirts, hoodies, blankets, hats and other great merchandise Photo Button Booth (NEW!) – photo buttons of individual athletes will be for sale

8 Cougar Day 2009 Tickets The money box will be a centralized process Prepaid tickets will be required for the following items: Bake Potato Meals Face Painting Cake Walk & Raffles Concession stand sales, Cougar Corner, Silent Auction and Photo Button Booth will be responsible for collecting money for their sales (money box to be provided)

9 Cougar Day 2009 Committees Decorations - Tennis Set Up – Boys Soccer (Wrestling to help on Friday evening) Clean Up – ALL TEAMS Silent Auction – Track (w/ Delisa Piercy and Stacy Durham) Face Painting – Girls Soccer Baked Potato – Softball and Freshman Baseball Concessions (Outside) – Swimming (w/ Booster Club-Richard Kloss) Cake Walk – Girls Golf Cougar Corner – Boys Golf – (w/ Alison Bockeloh ) Photography – JV and Varsity Baseball Photo Button Booth – JV and Varsity Baseball (w/ Ginger Sarabia) Liasons: Use a sign up sheet at your next parent meetings to staff your teams’ booths

10 Cougar Day 2009 Team Liaisons Soccer Girls – Karen Sharpe Boys – Laura Spore Softball Mary Beth Irvin Track and Field Girls – Linette Roach Boys – Delanie Perkins Wrestling Sheila Godbold Jackie Stuebs Carrie Marz Tennis Kim Miller Shellie Loftus Golf Girls – TBA Boys – Cathy Adams Swimming Dixie Bonham Baseball Gilbert Sarabia Gonzalo Sequeira Go to the Booster Club Board section of the website for their contact information –

11 Cougar Day 2009 Layout

12 Cougar Day 2009 Decorations Tennis Senior Girls will be helping along with providing the balloons & ribbon Helium tank & nozzle will be provided by Robin Adams from baseball Decorate, decorate, decorate! Hang signs (hand made or banners) for the various booths

13 Cougar Day 2009 Set Up Boys Soccer Set up done Friday afternoon 3:00 -5:00 and Saturday 10:30 – 12:00 Volunteers should consist of at least 2 people from each sport Order tables from the school Set up trash boxes & bags - contact trash company Set up borrowed tables & chairs (All must be labeled) Set up borrowed tents (All must be labeled)

14 Cougar Day 2009 Clean Up Every Team EVERYONE from all teams is expected to lend a hand! Make sure all the trash is picked up Take down the tents and make sure everyone that brought a tent picks up their labeled tent Stack tables & chairs for owners to pick up Remove trash boxes & bags

15 Cougar Day 2009 Silent Auction Track and Field  Each sport - 1 themed basket, plus at least 3-5 auction items (depending on team size)  Donations, Donations, Donations…we need donations! From where? Your generous donations or Your request for donations from outside donors….less than 9 weeks to go!  ASK! 3 possible responses…Yes – No - Already Donated…2 to 1 positive. You won’t get anything if you don’t ask.  CCABC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, so donations are Tax Deductible. See the Cougar Day section of the Booster Club website for donation request letters, proof of tax status, forms, etc.  Report and turn in donations as you receive them – email your team liaison or Delis Piercy or Stacy Durham directly  For pickup or drop off of donations, call or email: Delisa Piercy - - 832 236 0366 Stacy Durham – Check website often for updated information, – Silent Auction page

16 Cougar Day 2009 Face Painting Girls Soccer This is a recent activity that has been a big hit A table will be provided It is up to your players and parents to provide the paint, brushes and necessary materials

17 Cougar Day 2009 Baked Potato Meals Softball and Freshman Baseball Baked potato meals have been a tradition at the Spring Cougar Day for the past 10 years and has always been a big hit The meal consists of a fully loaded potato, a desert and a 16 oz bottle drink for $6.00 The ingredients are all donated, so we are making a 100% profit on sales; gift cards from grocery stores would be greatly appreciated ????? and ????? are heading up the committee, but will be looking to the Softball and Freshman baseball parents for help in soliciting donations for the following: Baked Potatoes (Sweet Tomatoes) 50 lbs chopped brisket Butter, cheese, jalapenos & sour cream Boats, utensil packets & barbeque sauce Desserts will be donated by players of all the sports Drinks will be provided by the booster club and not donated by players We need at least 30-35 volunteers to work various shifts, so please sign up!

18 Cougar Day 2009 Concession Stand (Outside) Swimming A full concession stand will not be available due to the baked potato meals being sold A table will be set up on the outside of the concession stand building and the following will be sold: Candy, drinks and possibly hot dogs after 1:30 so as not to compete with the baked potato sales Richard Kloss will make sure that product is available; but it is up to you to staff the table and possibly help staff selling of baked potatoes

19 Cougar Day 2009 Cake Walk Girls Golf All teams’ Jr. Girls athletes to bring a homemade cake or pie to be used at this booth (please label with type of pie or cake) Girls’ Golf is to provide boom box and music for Cake Walk Tickets will be sold at the ticket booth and used to participate in Cake Walk Tables and chairs will be provided for set up

20 Cougar Day 2009 Cougar Corner Boys Golf Will assist Alison Bockeloh with sales of Cougar Spirit Merchandise Gear includes t-shirts, hoodies, blankets, hats yard signs, window decals, etc. This booth must be manned throughout the day

21 Cougar Day 2009 Photography JV and Varsity Baseball We have about 5 volunteer photographers that will be taking organized team and individual player pictures Parents are needed to help organize and adhere to the established schedule A table and backdrop will be provided

22 Cougar Day 2009 Photo Button Booth JV & Varsity Baseball This is a new booth this year! There will be photographers and 2 button makers available Parents will be able to purchase a button with their athlete’s photo on it

23 Cougar Day 2009 Player Donations All Sports Players will be asked to donate the following: All Freshman players – each player bring one 8 pack of 20oz bottled Gatorade, any flavor All Sophomore players – each player bring one case 16oz bottled water (minimum 24) Sr. & Jr. Boys – each player bring 2 dozen individually wrapped homemade or purchased cookies, brownies or cupcakes; used as the desert for the Bake Potato meals; MUST BE WRAPPED Jr. Girls – each player bring a homemade cake or pie; used in the cake walk Sr. Girls – balloons & ribbon in royal blue, white & silver; also provide help with the decoration committee All drinks & desserts can be brought the day of the event, but the decoration materials need to be coordinated with the Tennis liaison before the event We need at least 20 pop up tents, 20 folding tables and 50 folding chairs; maybe someone has a connection with their neighborhood’s Community/Club house that would lend them out; EVERYTHING NEEDS TO BE LABELED!

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