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The Light Stuff Douglas Colligan

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1 The Light Stuff Douglas Colligan
Contemporary College English Companion Reader 现代大学英语 阅读3 创思英语: 英语阅读课件 英语专业泛读课件

2 General Questions What is the light stuff? Pick out the keywords.
Absence of gravity, zero-g, weightlessness What is the light stuff? Pick out the keywords. What type of text is it? What is the main idea? How is the text structured? What is the problem/solution? Guess the meaning of the words. Gravity, astronaut, space, technology Major text types How to cope with zero-g to…? Questions about the topic (key words), the text type (narrative, descriptive, expository, persuasive), the text structure and the main idea. Text Patterns Details

3 Four Major Text Types Narration Description Exposition Argumentation
记叙文 a movie 描述文 a picture 说明文 a lecture 议论文 a debate 文体 体裁

4 Major Text Patterns Sequence / time Space Compare-contrast
Advantage-dis. Cause-effect Problem-solution Sub-topics 顺序、时间 空间 比较-对比 利弊 因果 问题-解决 话题 文章结构模式

5 Main ideas of paragraphs
Paragraphs are related to each in different degrees with a part and a whole text. Para 1 Problem P 13 Hygiene Para 2 Analysis P 14-5 Sleeping Para 3 Solution P 16-7 Exercising 段落大意 P 4-7 Wearing P 18-9 Living P 8-12 Eating P 20-1 Evaluation

6 Structural Diagram The Light Stuff 1 Problem 4-7 Wear 8-12 Eat
2 Analysis 13 Hygiene 3-19 Solution 3 General 14-5 Sleep 文章结构示意图 20-21 Evaluation 16-7 Exercise 18-9 Live

7 Vocabulary Guess or explain the meaning. Connective words
Cocoon, weird, outfit, meticulously, elasticized pleats, vengeance, congeal, gobbets, chili, utensil, engorge, numb, hygiene, suction, squirt, scrub, globule, strap, laden, exhale, billow, ingenious treadmill, regiment, anchor, hover, perspiration, tone, bizarre, unscrew, screwdriver, bolt, brace, somersault, stoop, quasi-fetal slouch, flotsam … 词汇 单词 生词 As some visionaries project, … what to make of the complaint. How well this kind of… Connective words

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