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Welcome to Room 309 Ms. Phillips’ Science Class! 2013-2014 School Year.

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1 Welcome to Room 309 Ms. Phillips’ Science Class! 2013-2014 School Year

2 Meet Ms. Phillips Education  High School at Lincoln-Way Central in New Lenox, IL (Go Knights!)  Bachelors Degree in Elementary Education with focus on Math and Science from Loyola University Chicago (LUC)  Currently pursuing a Masters Degree in Science Education from Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT)

3 Meet Ms. Phillips Family  3 brothers (+ 1 sister-in-law)  Tom & Erin live in St Peters, MO and are both accountants  Sean is working in CA doing computer science in hospitals  Patrick lives in New Lenox and is learning to be a chef. YUM!

4 Meet Ms. Phillips Summer  Took 2 graduate school classes at IIT  Spent a lot of time at the beach  Did my first triathlon

5 Meet Ms. Phillips Questions????  Each group can come up with one question to ask Ms. Phillips

6 Expectations Supplies  Everyday you need:  Science Folder  Science Notebook  Assignment Notebook  Writing Utensil  Sometimes you will need a science book (not always)  If you are missing any of these items…. You will get a stamp

7 Expectations Stamps  Each teacher in 5 th /6 th grade has a set of stamps for assignment notebooks -Disruptive Behavior -Missing Supplies -No Homework -Signature Required  At the end of the quarter, students with less than 15 stamps participate in a fun activity (field day, movie, etc.)  Assignment notebooks must be signed EVERY DAY!!

8 Expectations Entering Classroom  Wait for Ms. Phillips to invite class in  Go straight to your assigned seat  Follow Ms. Phillips’ verbal directions or directions on the smart board

9 Expectations Group work  Most of your group work will be done with the people at your assigned table  You must stay at your table (standing is ok)  Only your group should be able to hear you  Group jobs  Speaker  Getter  Manager  Clean-Up

10 Expectations Individual Work  Remain seated  Silent  Done individually (Duh!)

11 Expectations Listening  Follow cues- bell or countdown  Seated  Silent  Eyes on speaker or front of the room  Hands empty

12 Expectations Exiting Classroom  Wait to be dismissed  Table must be completely clean  Take all supplies  Push chair in  Exit through the exit door quickly and quietly…we’ve got things to do!

13 Units 5 th grade  FOSS (Full Option Science System):  Variables  Levers & Pulleys  Food & Nutrition  Time

14 FOSS Variables 5 th Grade

15 Units 6 th Grade  IES (Investigating Earth Systems): -Energy Resources -Dynamic Planet -Climate & Weather

16 6- Energy resources 1. Tracing electricity to its source 2. Uses of energy resources 3. How fossil fuels are formed 4. Sources and uses of petroleum 5. Exploring for petroleum 6. Solar energy 7. Using energy resources wisely

17 Science Fair  Every student participates  Packets will go home in the first month of school  Something will be due almost every Monday – due dates on website  Students will have most Fridays to do work in class– must come prepared!

18 Contact  Best is e-mail:  Or call Galileo office 773-534-7070  Website:

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