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Autors: Andrea Baotić & Haris Dervišević The Role of Modern Museum in Education.

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1 Autors: Andrea Baotić & Haris Dervišević The Role of Modern Museum in Education

2 The objective of "The Best in Heritage" is not to evaluate, nor give prizes or awards but presenting what is the best.

3  Sverresborg Trøndelag Folk Museum  VARUSSCHLACHT im Osnabrücker Land - Museum und Park Kalkriese

4 Museum of the year 2005 in Norway -''folk museum presenting cultural history and building traditions from Trøndelag, middle of Norway'' - visitors can participate in several museum programs such as building log houses in traditional way, playing old games or even cooking by traditional recipes, - there are drama plays as well in which they focus on specific theme, such as ''Local neighbours, national enemies''

5  Goal: to enact pupils and students, who are in focus of those programmes, to ''understand, recall and empathize with those people whose lives were or are in danger of war and to identify themselves in the context of their history''. Through different roles participants equalize themselves with people from the past and they change their point of view when being decisive of what hostility, in terms of experience, really is. They dress up in costumes that were worn in specific historical moment, they use the utensil from the same period and they get the ''feeling'' of the epoch.

6 2004 EU Prize for Cultural Heritage - Europa Nostra Prize for Archaeological sites for ''innovative interpretation of an ancient battlefield and for the deciphering and presentation of the scant remains by interdisciplinary scientific research''

7  The feature of the Museum concept is that there's no detailed reconstruction of place and the battle – instead there is ''use of abstract means like symbols and metaphors'' and visitors are provoked to think about concepts of history and archaeology in general, and Varus battle in particular.  ''Instead of confronting the visitor with a descriptive summary of facts and results, he is himself thrown into the process of investigation'', which means that he is invited to play the role of ''detective'' who tries to discover traces, evaluate them and interpret the story


9  These two examples show how museums can participate in learning process:  - Through building and cooking in traditional ways, or doing old crafts, we learn about our history and tradition that is being neglected,  - Through playing roles of some other people, we learn about ourselves, about others, and try to answer ethical questions,  - Through investigating archaeological artefacts like in detective story, we learn about notion of history and archaeology, disciplines that are not constituted of facts and answers, but of continuous questions

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