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Introduction to HLG System room-temperature glass coating Completely inorganic coating material Environmentally friendly coating method.

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1 Introduction to HLG System room-temperature glass coating Completely inorganic coating material Environmentally friendly coating method

2 Glass that does not need heat treatment! Heatless glass is a completely inorganic coating material used at room-temperature to produce a glass film (ceramic film). Conventional ceramic and glass products are formed through the fusion of component materials at high heat, followed by rapid cooling and hardening. In the past, ceramic and glass film could not be produced without a high temperature treatment process. However, Dr. of Engineering Kazumi Yasuda has overturned the conventional wisdom of previous ceramic production methods by inventing a heatless glass production method for ceramic and glass film. With his revolutionary heatless glass production method high-temperature processing is unnecessary, and ceramic and glass film can be produced at ordinary room-temperature.

3 Glassification by catalytic reaction When a heatless glass coating is applied, moisture in the air causes some of the components to begin transformation. In a chain-reaction, this transformation is repeated automatically. Each changed molecule triggers the transformation of the next molecule, causing the process to continue until the coating material stabilizes and hardens, resulting in a glass film. Once applied this coating material dries and becomes glass This production methods are developed by Dr. of Engineering Kazumi Yasuda

4 Why is this coating material environmentally friendly? The coating is inorganic. MostThe coating is inorganic. Most coating materials are made from petroleum – in short, organic matters. These organic substances are being scrutinized recently because they cause the production of dioxins and other harmful substances. Furthermore, the need to conserve petroleum and other limited resources has spurred efforts to switch from organic to inorganic primary materials.

5 No water pollution Recyclable Glass and ceramics are completely inorganic materials that release no harmful substances into water, so this coating material has almost no environmental impact. Since the coating contains no harmful substances, disposal is not problematic. This material can be treated just like rocks or sand. Handled carefully, it can even be recycled as aggregate.

6 HLG System Key Features Completely inorganic: glass and ceramic Heat resistant: withstands high temperatures Corrosion resistant: does not decay Isolation: does not conduct electricity

7 Comparison with typical organic coating materials

8 Evaluation certifications 1. Discoloration preventing materials for civil engineering uses evaluation tests Discoloration prevention certification No. 024101 (Type I) Discoloration prevention certification No. 024102 (Type II) 2. (Water elution) Utensil and container wrapping standard test No. 502110687-002 3. Combustibility test for railway rolling stock materials Passed 2002, No. 163: incombustible, no harmful gas produced 4. Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport NETIS registered Registration No. KT-010032 (new technology registration) 5. Sanitation tests and certification in accordance with the Food Sanitation Law Number: 10 HiTEC No. 0-1804Certification date: 99/03/19 Certifying agency: High Polymer Test & Evaluation Center Certification extent: to Food Sanitation Law food and additive standards conformation

9 HLG System Purposes Protect and preserve buildings and civil engineering structures for an extended time Reduce lifetime costs Maintain and preserve coated materials used at high temperatures for an extended period with heat resistance Reduce lifetime costs Prevent graffiti and posting of bills Scenic improvement and environmental preservation Prevents stains with self-cleaning effect Scenic maintenance and cleaning cost reduction Resists chemicals For places where the durability of glass is necessary

10 Long-term protection and preservation of buildings Excellent climate resistance (long-term appearance maintenance) 25–30 years of resistance when calculated in terms of natural climate resistance Accelerated climate resistance test Test device: Super UV Tester W-3 UV Exposure: 90 mW RH 70% Dew Cycle: Light/Dark 4/2 hrs Water Spray: 15 sec/30 min Luster: 60-60 specular reflection rate (%)

11 SL-600

12 Coating application examples Pipe internal heat resistance use Special heat resistant coating Building exterior wall HL-C method HLG layered anti-corrosive coating Heat ray reflection method and layered anti-corrosive method Pipe frame concrete salt damage prevention CT Coating Series Gaia Clean NC-7 Prevention of attachment of sea organisms * Note: This is not an HLG system.

13 Coating application examples Flooring HLG flooring method Nano Treatment System (NTS) Exterior wall HL-C method Residential building exterior HL-C method Building rooftop HLG heat blocking protection and waterproofing method LG layered anti-corrosive method Heat ray blocking method and layered anti-corrosive method

14 HLG System heat resistant coating material This line includes products that can resist temperatures as high as 1400º C. Uses are as diverse as the variety of facilities where heat is used. This excellent coating material is not only heat resistant, it is also resistant to sulfurous acid gas and other chemicals! Power generation plants, high- temperature incinerators, smokestacks, etc.

15 Heat resistant coating application example Thermal power station flue interior heat resistant coating installation (resistant to sustained heat of 400º or more)

16 HLG system graffiti and posting prevention coating material Making use of the features of glass, HLG is effective in the prevention of graffiti and bill posting. Contributes to crime prevention and urban scenic preservation. Also resistant to cigarette burns and heat, making it highly durable.

17 Introduction to HLG System GT-X Reactive acrylic resin Cross-linking agent B Cross-linking agent A Organopoly siloxane Excellent climate resistance Very hard Flexible Extremely low pollution Fire resistant Note: Acrylic resin and cross-linking agent B form a film structure with a suspension effect that makes it both hard and flexible

18 Feature Comparison Chart In accelerated climate resistance tests (Super UV Tester), HLG maintained 80% of its luster even after 25–30 years. By putting a layer of SL–600 Series film that has a 30 year resistance on top of GTX film, which has 25 year resistance, amazing durability can be achieved.

19 Realization of amazing durability ★ HLG System GT-X is 70% inorganic and 30% organic. ★ By combining the strengths of inorganic and organic materials, an excellent coating film that surpasses fluorine resin coating is achieved. ★ As a finishing material, HLG System SL-600 Series (completely inorganic, room-temperature glass coating material) is coated on top of GT-X. Super long-term protection for coated materials that is impossible with conventional organic coating materials has been realized.

20 Coating function 10-year guarantee (Assurance guarantee system) ① Heatless glass coating material SL-600 Series ② Heatless glass coating incombustible material SL-200 Series ③ Heatless glass coating material primer SL-100 Series ④ Long-lasting organic inorganic hybrid color HLG system GT-X ⑤ Organic-inorganic hybrid type ⑥ Special epoxy primer ⑦ Undercoat adjustment filler (polymer cement) For first applications, concrete saturation ⑧ Special etching primer for steel surfaces Note: 10-year guarantee from coating is a guarantee system endorsed by a Japanese insurance company. Top coating Middle layer Undercoat 2 Undercoat 1 ① SL-600 ② SL-200 ③ SL-100 ④ GTX ⑤ Hard coating ⑥ Primer-E ⑦ Filler ⑧ Scepter-P ↑Coating surface↑ (Civil engineering method standard specification)

21 Photographs of Installation 1.Materials are incombustible (when scorched poisonous gas is not emitted). 2.Long-term preservation possible. 3.Easy to install, so installation time (period of traffic disruption) is short compared to other finishes. Tunnel interior wall graffiti and bill posting prevention

22 Photographs of installation (Bridge support graffiti and bill-posting prevention) 1.Installation is possible regardless of shape. 2.Coating material resistant to cigarette burns and other damage. 3.Easy to install, so installation time (period of traffic disruption) is short compared to other finishes. 4.Possible to choose from various colors.

23 Product examples (Potential applications are unlimited) Long-term preservation and graffiti and posting prevention functions 1.For snowy regions, this coating material is highly resistant to snow melting agents 2.Long-term preservation and graffiti and posting prevention functions

24 Rust-resistant coating material Steam blocking, low vapor permeability are excellent. Salt-resistance is high. For any installation on earth, the coating is inevitably thinner at the edge because of surface tension. Foundation material (iron) Organic coating material 100μ–200μ Only a few microns thick at the edge HLG top coating film is only about 15μ, making it a thin film design from the outset. Foundation material (iron) HLG system coating material is protected by a top coating

25 Blocks water (steam) and salt 1. Good steam blocking and low vapor permeability. 2. High salt resistance.

26 Electrical insulation use (surface insulation) HLG acts as surface insulation and prevents static electricity on building exterior surfaces. Negative electrons are not retained. Dirt is not attracted, helping keep the surface clean. Use for electronic parts and other items also possible. Discoloration preventing materials for civil engineering uses evaluation test (self-cleaning effect) Discoloration Certification No. 024101 (Types I and II)

27 Installation photographs (long-term preservation and protection) Ginza Christian Dior Apartment building in Naruse Installation system with manufacturer guarantee (up to 10 years)

28 Installation photographs (long-term preservation and protection) Application on flooring materials protects them and preserves their beauty for a long time. 1.Daily maintenance is easy. 2.Chemical resistance is high. 3.Since the coating is SiO 2, the friction coefficient is high, making it less slippery than resin finishes. 4.Surface is incombustible.

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