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The Outsiders Test Review You will need: netbook Writing utensil Paper Packet.

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2 The Outsiders Test Review You will need: netbook Writing utensil Paper Packet

3 Plot Diagram Exposition Complication Rising Action Climax Falling Action Resolution

4 Exposition What information does the author give you at the beginning of the story? Characters, Setting, Other Vital Information

5 Complication “Trigger event”- the thing that causes the conflict or sets the conflict in motion Johnny kills Bob Sheldon

6 Rising Action Complications and events that occur as the character(s) tries to solve the problem Johnny and Ponyboy go to Dally for help Johnny and Ponyboy flee to Jay Mountain Church burns down..causing injury and the boys to return to town

7 Climax The point of highest interest, suspense, or greatest emotional tension The Rumble/ Johnny’s Death

8 Falling Action Events that occur as the character works toward the resolution of the conflict. Dally shot by cops

9 Resolution A satisfactory conclusion that is either positive or negative for the character Ponyboy writes his theme

10 Themes Friendship Brotherhood The Golden Rule Prejudice SOCIAL CONFLICT Loyalty Decision Making Unlikely Friendships Stereotyping

11 Types of Conflict Man vs. Man Man vs. Society Man vs. Self Man vs. Nature Man vs. Supernatural (not in this novel)

12 Man vs. Man When a character (man or woman) has a physical or verbal disagreement with another character Examples: –Johnny vs. Bob Sheldon –Dally vs. Individual Cops

13 Man vs. Society When a character disagrees with societal values, laws, or beliefs Examples: –Greasers vs. Socs –Negative stereotypes of Greasers

14 Man vs. Self A character fighting against his or her own conscience or moral beliefs Examples: –Ponyboy dealing with Johnny’s death –Randy Adderson withdrawing from rumble

15 Man vs. Nature A character vs. the forces of nature –Example: Boys vs. church fire Ponyboy vs. freezing from fountain

16 Characters See if you can name the characters from the following descriptions

17 Ponyboy Curtis Loves sunsets and reading Youngest Greaser (14) Narrator and main character of the story Has two older brothers Parents died in car crash

18 Marcia Randy’s girlfriend Cherry’s best friend Flirts with Two-Bit

19 Dallas “Dally” Winston Toughest Greaser White-blond hair Originally from New York Icy blue eyes and elfin face Really loves Johnny and snaps after his death Gunned down by cops after robbing store

20 Sherri “Cherry” Valance Soc Cheerleader Her boyfriend is stabbed by Johnny Meets Ponyboy at the movies Becomes a spy for the Greasers Red Hair

21 Darrel “Darry” Curtis The oldest Curtis brother (20) Loves showing off muscles Quit school to start working to as a roofer Unofficial “leader” of the greasers Really strict with Ponyboy

22 Robert “Bob” Sheldon Cherry’s boyfriend Jumps Johnny before the novel begins Never disciplined by parents Stabbed and killed by Johnny Cade

23 Sodapop Curtis Happy-Go-Lucky Known for his grin Good Looking and charming Quits school and works at gas station Middle Curtis boy Keeps peace between Darry and Ponyboy

24 Steve Randle Best friend of Sodapop Works at gas station Knows everything about cars Steals hub caps Thinks Ponyboy is annoying and tags along too much Fought four socs with broken pop bottle

25 Tim Shepherd Leader of another greaser gang Respects and assists Dally even though they occasionally fight Ponyboy thinks he is an alley cat, hungry, and restless Considered a real hood

26 Johnny Cade Abusive and alcoholic parents Stabs Bob Sheldon Protected by older Greasers (especially Dally) Dies in the hospital Tells Ponyboy to “stay gold”

27 Randy Adderson Marcia’s boyfriend Best friend of Bob Sheldon Eventually sees the futility of fighting Refuses to fight in the rumble Attempts to make peace with Ponyboy

28 Keith “Two-Bit” Matthews Joker of the Greasers The oldest Greaser Loves his black handled switchblade Regularly shoplifts

29 Jerry Wood Accompanies Ponyboy, Johnny, and Dally to the hospital after church fire Adult and member of mainstream society Judges Greasers on their merits

30 Symbolism Cars Rings Clothes Hair

31 Cars Socs power over Greasers –Socs own cars…Greasers fix them Increased protection and mobility for Socs

32 Rings Traditional symbols of wealth and power –rings = money –money = power Rings used as weapons –Johnny knows Bob jumped him because he remembers the rings

33 Clothes Sense of identity Wealth vs. Poverty Greasers: –Dirty jeans –Tight t-shirts –Ratty sweat shirts Socs –Madras sweaters –Khaki pants

34 Greaser Hair Separates them from other social groups Rebelling against cultural norms True sense of identity –Pg. 5 (Pony getting jumped) –Pg. 71 (Church hair cut) –Pg. 101 (Pony getting picture taken)

35 Perceptions Ponyboy’s perceptions of Darry Ponyboy’s perceptions of Socs All characters reasons for fighting Changing perceptions

36 Ponyboy’s Changing Perception of Darry Before Running away –Mean –Too strict –Doesn’t love him After church fire –Firm but loving –Willing to sacrifice

37 Ponyboy’s Changing Perception of the Socs Pre-Cherry Valance Meeting –Hates and fears Socs –Dangerous enemies –“White trash with Mustangs and madras” (55). –Thinks they have it made Post- Cherry Valance Meeting –Realizes Socs are human as well –Understands they have their own problems –Human compassion transcends gang loyalty

38 Reasons for Fighting Ponyboy –Self-defense Darry –Pride and to show off muscles Sodapop –Entertainment Dally –Not a fight without him. He is the only real hood Two-Bit –Conformity Steve –Hatred and to bash in Socs’ heads Johnny –Doesn’t like to fight

39 What makes a Soc a Soc? $

40 Who do Johnny and Pony go to for help? Why? He is experienced with evading the law

41 Why do the greasers and Socs fight so much? They come from different social classes (money/wealth)

42 Why doesn’t Dally want Johnny to go to jail? It will harden him, like it did Dally.

43 When does Pony realize Darry loves him? When he sees him crying at the hospital.

44 According to Sherry Valance (Cherry), what is the main difference between greasers and Socs? Emotion Greasers feel too much Socs don’t feel anything

45 Who wants to back out of the rumble? Why? Randy Adderson. He is sick of the fighting and he knows it won’t do any good. No one can really win.

46 What does Johnny mean when he says “Stay Gold” to Ponyboy? Stay true to yourself.

47 When Two-Bit tells Pony he isn’t like the rest of the group, what does he mean? Pony is smart and kind.

48 Soda tells Pony not to end up like Dally, how he was before he was dead…what does he mean? Dally was alone. He lost the only thing he has ever loved (Johnny).

49 Grammar Review Prepositions About, above, across, because Pronouns He, she, they, we, us, etc Adjectives Yellow shirt, English book Linking verbs Was awesome, were wrong Adverbs Yelled loudly, ran fast, walked quickly

50 Context Clues There will be a portion of the test where you use the surrounding words to figure out the meaning of a potentially unknown word.

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