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Are You Here for Life Science? Yes? Great! Take a seat anywhere for now and wait for the bell… Assigned seats will be provided. Please be ready to follow.

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1 Are You Here for Life Science? Yes? Great! Take a seat anywhere for now and wait for the bell… Assigned seats will be provided. Please be ready to follow directions

2 First Things First Make sure you are facing forward and are waiting for my directions. I will not tolerate any distractions when I am giving instructions You SHOULD NOT call out at any time. Please remember to raise you hands and wait to be called on. THANK YOU!

3 Welcome to Life Science Mrs. Suseendran Room C -202

4 Seating Assignments This is NOT meant to be a pain, but rather a tool for me to learn your names faster. You WILL be changing your seats in the future, however it will be at MY discretion, so PLEASE DO NOT ASK constantly. If you have an issue with where you are seated, please talk to me after class or via email and I will try to remedy the situation.

5 Who is Mrs. Suseendran? Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry Master’s in Sociology Teacher Certification Program at Rider University This is my 9th year in teaching & 4th year in Fisher I am a naturalized citizen of America with an Asian Indian origin. My husband works in New York City and I am a proud mother of two children. My daughter is a high school Senior and my son is in sixth grade. My favorite hobbies include hiking, biking, listening to music, gardening and cooking. Previously described by students as: –C–Crazy –M–MEAN! –E–Easy going (understanding) –M–Moody *(explanation to follow… don’t freak out… yet) –A–Approachable –N–Non-judgmental

6 What Does Mrs Suseendran Expect of YOU? To be ON-TIME everyday To have a PASS/SIGNATURE in your agenda book if you are late (quietly) To have a SMILE/positive attitude To come PREPARED* everyday To ask RELEVANT questions as needed To LEARN everyday– this means you MUST BRING YOUR BRAINS!

7 What Does “BEING ON TIME”Mean? a.This means being in your seat and completing the ‘DO NOW’ when the bell rings. b.Being late to class 3 times will result in a detention. 

8 What Does PREPARED Mean? Binder (3 ring, at least 1”) NO exceptions! A writing utensil (labs = blue or black pen) Nobody will be allowed to go to their locker to get materials, homework, etc. Appropriate clothes, especially for LAB. All BEFORE you walk in the door, so plan your outfit and footwear accordingly for lab days

9 What should you do when you are absent? Check the calendar, collect missed worksheets (if any), check for further instructions with your classmates. Finally, only if necessary, see Mrs. Suseendran about missing work or go over anything you don’t understand. You will be responsible for any missed assignment/test/quiz. Make-up work is your responsibility. You may check with me and make them up either before school or during school.

10 What about bathroom use? Lavatory use will be allowed only during non-instructional time. (it is definitely not a time to socialize or escape from classroom) When you are allowed to go to the bathroom, you have to use the bathroom pass.

11 How Are You Graded? Grade Calculation: You should receive a PROGRESS REPORT every 5 weeks and a REPORT CARD each marking period. 50% Tests/Quizzes 30% Lab reports & projects 10% Homework 10% Classwork/Participation (Classroom behavior and attitude, group work involvement, materials/preparedness, listening skills) All assignments will be awarded points based upon the amount of work/effort required A rubric will be provided for labs and projects in advance

12 What About Homework? Assignments to be collected (projects, questions etc.) are due on the announced date. 10% will be deducted for each day the assignment is late. NO ASSIGNMENTS WILL BE ACCEPTED 3 DAYS AFTER THE DUE DATE AND YOU WILL RECEIVE A ZERO FOR THAT ASSIGNMENT. Homework is due on time. No late homework will be accepted. You will serve lunch detention to complete assignment 

13 Extra Credit Opportunities Every quarter will have at least ONE opportunity for extra credit The most common way to receive E.C. will be prior to tests via review activities

14 Miscellaneous Details Follow all directions and safety guidelines when working.Failure to do so will result in points being deducted from your assignment. Treat everyone in class with respect. Teasing, bullying, and put-downs will NOT be tolerated. Give everyone a chance to participate and share their ideas. Please raise your hand and wait to be recognized to speak. Keep the science classroom neat and orderly. Please keep aisles clear and remain in your seats unless given permission to do otherwise.

15 Miscellaneous Details ALL school RULES apply, so read your handbook (in agenda books) and be prepared to be held accountable Larger assignments (tests, projects, take home quizzes) take longer for me to grade and therefore will NOT be graded by the next morning… so please don’t ask repeatedly Pop quizzes ARE NOT an option so make sure you are actively listening and learning while in class... be sure to ask questions if it is unclear

16 What About? If you need to sharpen your pencil, just get up and go over in a stealth way- i.e. not in front of the class, cutting me off Cell phones should be off and stowed away. If I hear/see one, I will take them away. Do not be surprised by my hand held out for it nor my unhappy eyebrow

17 Classroom Atmosphere Despite all the slides and information, this class can be A LOT OF FUN! I LOVE this job and look forward to seeing YOU each and everyday. I hope YOU will look forward to our class and WANT to show up and participate In order for us ALL to have FUN and LEARN, we need to respect each other and know when we can play around and when we need to work extra hard If any issues arise, PLEASE do not hesitate to come talk to me… communication can make all the difference

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