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Catherine & Count Basie Middle School 72

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1 Catherine & Count Basie Middle School 72
Facilitators: Mrs. Thompson-Young, Ms. Severin & the Social Studies Department December 11, 2012 4th Senior Assembly

Enter quickly and quietly. Sit in your assigned area. Take out a writing utensil and your planner. Wait for explicit directions before exiting the auditorium. SEATING ARRANGEMENT – RIGHT SIDE – CENTER 809 – 811– LEFT SIDE (Facing the stage) EVERY ASSEMBLY 8th GRADE STUDENTS WILL SIT IN DESIGNATED AREAS

3 Senior Dues 1st Installment of $100.00 (Postal Money Order ONLY)
Due Monday, November 16, 2012 OVERDUE – Submit by no later than December 21st Entire Payment Includes: Graduation (York College) – 1st Non-Refundable Payment Cap & Gown - 1st Payment Yearbook – 1st Non-Refundable Payment Prom (The Double Tree Hotel) – 2nd Payment Senior Trip – HOLIDAY HILL (Cheshire, Connecticut) – 2nd Payment NOTE: PAYMENTS CANNOT BE SEPERATED & MUST BE PAYED IN FULL AMOUNTS ! See Ms. Levine in the main office. (Mon., Wed., Fri. – Pd. 8 & Tue. – Pd. 6. & Thurs. – Pd. 1)

4 Academic Behavior Progress Report – Friday. December 21st Semester Ends – January 31st The Arista Honor Society Applications will be distributed next semester, as the new rules require that students must have an average of 85 and above for at least 2 semesters to be eligible. Exit Projects & Portfolios – Graduation Requirements Uniform Attendance/ Lateness High School Applications, Auditions, & Concerns **** (See Ms. Lee – Parents may call at ext. 1045)

5 FINAL DAYS OF 2012 Thursday, December 20 Week of Giving Continues
Holiday Show Student Holiday Party ( ) Parent Holiday Feast/PTA PHES Performance Friday, December 21 Last Day of Classes Saturday, December 22 No Saturday Success Academy No Valor Academy-6th grade only students Holiday Party-$5 Basie Bucks/ $3 and a Wrapped Toy

GYM UNIFORM SHIRT – $7 SHORTS -$13 SWEATPANTS - $15 GYM UNIFORM SHIRT – $7 SHORTS -$13 SWEATPANTS - $15 SCHOOL STORE HOURS Mon – Wed. – Fri. Pd. 8 Tues. Pd. 6 & Thurs. Pd. 1 Pg.13

Important Test Dates NY STATE ELA EXAM TUE. APRIL 16, 2013 – THURSDAY. APRIL 18, 2013* NY STATE MATHEMATICS EXAM - WED. APRIL 24 – FRIDAY. APRIL 26* 8th GRADE ONLY - Science Perf. Test - TBA

Thursday, Jan 14th, 2012– MAKE UP PICTURE DAY Uniform Required Photos will be included in the yearbook! Plan ahead (Beautification Appointments, etc.) Individual Photos – (Not Included in Senior Dues) Prices Range from $ $35.00/ ($8.00 – Class Photo) Review Parent Letter

9 Tentative Calendar - June 2013
MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY 3 4 1st CLERICAL HALF-DAY 5 FINAL EXAMS 6 GRADUATION REHEARSAL 7 Distribution of Senior Jewelry 10 2nd CLERICAL 11 Distribution of Senior T-Shirts (Required Attire for the Senior Trip) 12 SENIOR TRIP HOLIDAY HILL Cheshire, CT 6:30AM – 7:30PM 13 Chancellor’s Conference Day (No Students in Attendance) 14 NYS Regents Week Distribution of Prom Tickets SENIOR PROM 6-10PM The Double Tree Hotel 17 NYS Regents Week Distribution of Yearbook NYS Regents Week Graduation Rehearsal Distribution of Caps & Gowns 19 NYS Regents Week SENIOR AWARDS ASSEMBLY FINAL Graduation Rehearsal 21 NYS Regents Week GRADUATION CEREMONY @ YORK COLLEGE 6:00PM – 8:00PM 24 25 26 LAST DAY OF SCHOOL FOR ALL STUDENTS

10 International Trips We are going to Athens, Florence and Rome in April of 2014! We will be holding an interest meeting in January  In order to maximize our advantages and minimize the program cost, we are encouraging interested students to make a commitment by enrolling with the $95 enrollment fee to receive a $200 discount. Monthly payments do not start until January. You can learn more about the trip and enroll online at  If you enroll online or over the phone before December 21th you save a spot on the tour and lock in the pricing and discount. If you have any questions, contact the EF customer service line at  Please note there will be a small fee added by Middle School 72 to cover the cost of all lunch meals as we travel abroad, as they are not covered in the pricing on the website. All other pricing on the website will remain the same.

11 Niagara Falls Excursion
Requires a 75 average Good behavioral standing $75 Deposit Teacher Recommendation AP/ Dean Approval May 3, 2013 at 7:00am and return to MS 72 on the evening of May 5, 2013 at 9:00pm. The cost of the excursion is $ and includes the following: Round trip travel to and from Niagara Falls and guided tours on a coach bus. Transportation to the six (6) historical attractions listed above. Overnight hotel accommodations at the Hampton Inn or equivalent hotel in Niagara Falls  Breakfast at the Hampton Inn, lunch and dinner at the local restaurants in the Niagara Falls area. If you would like your child to attend, please complete the permission form to secure your child’s seat and return the permission slip with an initial payment of $75.00 (cash or money order only) by Monday, January 14,2013 .

12 New Progress Reports



15 Senior Assembly: Social Studies Exit Project 2012-2013
Catherine & Count Basie Middle School 72 Senior Assembly: Social Studies Exit Project December 11, 2012 MS 72 Auditorium

16 AGENDA Entrance: (Distribution of Assembly Documents) Welcome
Social Studies Exit Project Overview PowerPoint Presentation by 8th grade Social Studies Teachers: (Students will follow along and take notes in their packets) Task Description Explanation of the each of the components of the Exit Project Review of Due Dates 9. Q &A 10. Dismissal

17 Social Studies Exit Project
New York State Mandated for all 8th graders Required for Promotion and Graduation

18 Task Description 8th Grade students are expected to
produce a exit project in three parts: a written piece; an oral presentation; graphic representations of concept and Information (i.e. maps, timelines, charts, graphs, dioramas,etc).

19 Report of Information Students should produce an Exit Project on one (1) of the following 7 topics: The Progressive Era World War II The Civil Rights Era The 1960s,the decade that changed America The Vietnam War The Women’s Rights Movement The Harlem Renaissance

20 Components of the Exit Project
Topic Selection Questions and Wonderings Reflections KWL Chart Brainstorming Graphic Organizer 3 Way T-Chart Outline Two page Written Report

21 Components of the Exit Project
Short Essay Picture Essay Chart/ Graph Timeline Bibliography Research Organizers

22 Questions and Wonderings Are:
Questions that you have about your exit project and/or topic such as: Why are there only seven topics? Where can I find interviews of the members of the NAACP? What are picture essays? What led the United States to enter the war in Vietnam?

23 Reflections Describe your feelings about the exit project and the process you are going through to complete it such as: “I am nervous about my project; I am not sure if I will be able to finish on time.” OR “ I need to develop a schedule to do research in the library twice a week and work on my report for 1 hour per day.” “Today I completed my 2 page report. It was not as difficult as I thought it would be because I had very good sources of information and a great outline. I am going to get a head start on my picture essays and complete at least 10 by this Friday.”

24 3 Way T- Chart (pg. 11) Social Political Economic

25 KWL Chart (pg. 11) K (What I Know) W (What I Want to know) L
(What I learned)

26 Brainstorming Graphic Organizer (pg.12)
Own property Voting 19th Amendment Women’s Rights Obtain formal education Susan B. Anthony Elizabeth Cady Stanton Lucy Stone

27 Outline Intro: Topic Sentence 1. Detail 2. Detail 3. Detail
2nd Paragraph Topic 3. Detail…

28 Two Page Written Report
Produce a two-page report of information on your topic.

29 Short Essay Students will compose a short essay on the topic they have chosen. (See list of topics for essay prompts.)

30 Picture Essay Obtain pictures that represent the different political, social, and economic issues ideas or concepts discussed in your written report. Under the picture, write two paragraphs that explains what is represented in the photograph or document +

31 Chart/ Graph Create a graph or chart that illustrates important and interesting information about your topic.

32 Timeline Create a timeline of important events and people who were involved in your topic.

33 Additional Graphic Organizers
Inverted Triangle- (focused topic) pg. 15 Step by Step Chart- (Useful for planning essays organizing sources pg.16 Fact and Opinion- (Separation of fact and opinion when researching.) pg.17

34 Bibliography A bibliography identifies all sources you used during your investigation. Students must cite all sources during your research. Sources may include, but are not limited to: Internet Journals Letters Maps Speeches Textbooks Interviews

35 Exit project Research organizer (pg.13)
Name: Class: Date: _______________________________________ Topic: Source of Information Bibliographical Information ________________________________________ Book Title: Encyclopedia Author’s Last Name: Internet Author’s First Name: Magazine Publisher: Primary source City of Publication: Other: (Please Specify) Copyright Date:

36 Exit Project Due Dates (pg. 3)
Components Due Date Topic Selection/Student & Parent Notification Form Thurs, 12/20/12 Questions/Wonderings Tues, 1/3/13 Reflection #1 Fri, 1/4/13 KWL Chart (K &W only) Tues, 1/8/13 Brainstorming Graphic Organizer Thurs, 1/10/13 3 Way T-Chart (Social/Political/Economic) Tues, 1/15/13 Reflection #2 Fri, 1/18/13 10 Research Organizers Thurs, 1/24/13 KWL Chart –Completed Fri, 1/25/13 Outline of the 2 Page Report Tues, 1/29/13 2 Page Report Tues, 2/5/13 Reflection #3 Fri, 2/8/13 Picture Essays Thurs, 2/21/13 Short Essay Tues, 2/26/13 Graphs/Charts Thurs, 2/28/13 Timeline Tues, 3/5/13 Bibliography Fri, 3/8/13 Reflection #4 Tues, 3/12/13 Cover Page Fri, 3/15/13 Table of Contents Final Draft Mon, 3/18/13 Final Revisions March 19-21 Reflection #5 Thurs, 3/21/13 Final Project Fri, 3/22/13 PowerPoint Presentation/Oral Report TBA by Teacher

37 Q & A Please raise your hand and wait to be called upon.
Stand up and project your voice so that your question can be heard.

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