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Exit Level Objective 9 TAKS Review With Spiraling Questions from Objectives 5, 6, 7, and 8.

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1 Exit Level Objective 9 TAKS Review With Spiraling Questions from Objectives 5, 6, 7, and 8

2 1. Amanda’s camera can take 45 pictures in 2 minutes. At this rate, how many pictures can Amanda’s camera take in half an hour? (8.3B) A. 22.5 B. 270 C. 675 D. 1,350

3 2. Joyce started an exercise program. She walks 2.5 miles in 40 minutes. At the same rate, approximately how many miles can she walk in 2 hours? (8.3B) A. 32 miles B. 8 miles C. 5 miles D. 4 miles

4 3. On a scale drawing, 2 inches represent 5 feet. How many inches are needed to represent 27.5 feet? (8.3B) A. 5.5 in B. 10 in C. 11 in D. 13.75 in

5 4. Mr. Grubbs writes books for a living. He makes 12% royalties on every book that is sold. His book “10 Days to Master Algebra” has sold 2,000 copies at $24.95 a piece. How much money did Mr. Grubbs make from the selling of this book? (8.3B) A. $43,912 B. $5,988 C. $240 D. $2.99

6 5. Mr. Taylor works part time for a high tech company. He makes $2,000 a month plus 5% of all sales he makes over $100,000. If Mr. Taylor made $250,000 in sales last month, how much money did he make? (8.3B) A. $2,012.50 B. $9,500 C. $12,500 D. $14,500

7 6. Letters are selected randomly from the word MISSISSIPPI. What is the probability that the letter I will be drawn twice in a row without replacement? (8.11A) A. B. C. D.

8 7. In her backpack, Heather has 4 blue pens, 2 black pens, and 3 pencils. She reached into her backpack and got a writing utensil at random. Then she reached into her bag and got another writing utensil to lend to a friend. What is the probability that Heather pulled 2 blue pens from her backpack? (8.11A) A. B. C. D.

9 8. Leonardo has a bag filled with stamps from around the world. He has 3 from India, 2 from Mexico, 2 from Morocco, 1 from Bali, and 3 from Canada. If he takes the stamp from Bali out of the bag, what is the probability that the next stamp he takes out will be from a country beginning with the letter M? (8.11A) A. B. C. D.

10 9. After tossing a number cube (numbered 1 to 6) eight times, Jim recorded the following results: 3, 5, 1, 3, 2, 6, 5, 2 For this experiment, the experimental probability of rolling an even number is— (8.11B) A. greater than the theoretical probability B. less than the theoretical probability C. the same as the theoretical probability D. greater then 1/2

11 10. The votes for class president have been counted for 1/3 of the students in King Middle School. Melissa has received 114 of the 330 votes counted. How many votes will Melissa likely receive when all the votes are counted? (8.11B) A. 38 B. 216 C. 342 D. 990

12 11. The table shows how many of each kind of fruit the Fulton Middle School cafeteria has sold today. The cafeteria is ordering 450 pieces of fruit for next week. Based on today’s results, how many pieces should be bananas? (8.11B) A. 144 B. 120 C. 90 D. 72

13 12. Mr. Downey wants to find out the most common score that the students made on his history test. What is the appropriate measure of central tendency that Mr. Downey is looking for? (8.12A) A. The mean B. The median C. The mode D. The range

14 13. The scores Mandy got on Mr. Manilow’s math quizzes were the following: 81 77 90 94 75 69 96 82 80 80 75 88 66 Which measure should Mandy use to show her parents the best representation of her overall performance on her math quizzes? (8.12A) A. Mean B. Median C. Mode D. Range

15 14. A survey asked students about their favorite lunches. The results are in the table below. There are 400 students in the entire school. Choose the circle graph below that represents the information from the table. (8.12C) A D C B

16 15. The city of Garland holds a downtown festival to welcome every season. Below is a bar graph that shows how many people attended each festival. Which circle graph below is a representation of the data from the bar graph? (8.12C)

17 16. If Patrice improves dramatically in her math class, her mother said she could join the drill team. Patrice shows her mother the graph shown below of her math quiz scores for the year. Why did Patrice’s mother NOT let her join the drill team? (8.13B) A. Her scores did not improve. B. She did not score over 75. C. Her scores dropped. D. She changed the graph scale.

18 17. Rita created the bar graph below to represent her survey results of students’ favorite ice cream flavors. Why is the bar graph misleading? (8.13B) A. Not all ice cream flavors are on the graph. B. People often change their favorite flavor of ice cream, so the bar graph is not valid. C. We do not know the question that Rita asked; therefore, we can’t tell if the survey is biased. D. The vertical scale jumps from 0 to 30, and then continues in intervals of 10, so it looks like much more people chose vanilla over strawberry. It also seems that very few people chose chocolate chip mint.

19 18. A diagonal stripe is painted on a rectangular sign, as shown below. What is the approximate length of this stripe? (8.9A) A. 5.4 ft B. 7 ft C. 4.6 ft D. 3 ft

20 19. A tree fell during a storm and is leaning against a house at a height of 16 feet. If the base of the tree is 9 feet from the house, what is the length of the tree to the nearest foot? (8.9A) A. 25 ft B. 13 ft C. 18 ft D. 16 ft

21 20. An astronomer is finding the distance between stars on the coordinate grid. If she connects the stars to form triangles, in which group of stars could she use the Pythagorean theorem to find the distances? (8.7C) A. G, K, and J B. I, J, and G C. F, H, and G D. H, K, and I

22 C. 4x 2 y 2 units D. 4x 4 y 8 units 21. The area of a triangle is 10x 3 y 5 square units, and the base of the triangle is 5xy 3 units long. What is the triangle’s height? (A.11A) A. 2x 2 y 2 units B. 25x 4 y 8 units

23 22. Which expression describes the area of a square with a side of 4x 3 y 5 ? (A.11A) A. 8x 6 y 5 B. 16x 3 y 5 C. 16x 6 y 10 D. 16x 9 y 25

24 23. Triangle NOP has vertices N(c, d), O(l, m), and P(r, s). What will be the new coordinates of point N if the triangle is translated 6 units down and 4 units to the right? (8.6B) A. (c – 6, d + 4) B. (c + 4, d – 6) C. (c – 4, d + 6) D. (c + 4, d + 6)

25 24. Circle P has a center located at point M(b, b). What will be the new coordinates of point M if the circle is translated 3 units up and 2 units to the right? (8.6B) A. (b + 2, b + 3) B. (b + 3, b + 2) C. (b – 2, b – 3) D. (b + 4, b + 6)

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