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Food and Nutrition – Unit 8 Terms Cutting and Mixing Terms.

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1 Food and Nutrition – Unit 8 Terms Cutting and Mixing Terms

2 mix or stir quickly, bringing the contents of bowl to the top and down again beat

3 to mix ingredients until thoroughly combined blend

4 to cut into small pieces. chop

5 to remove the center part or stem of a fruit or vegetable leaving a hole. core

6 to blend until smooth and fluffy. cream

7 to cut into small squares of equal size. cube

8 to divide into parts with a sharp utensil. cut

9 to combine solid fat with dry ingredients until lumps of the desired size remain. May be done using a pastry blender, two knives, or a fork. cut in

10 to cut into very small cubes of even size dice

11 to cause a solid to turn into or become part of a liquid dissolve

12 to add ingredients carefully as not to lose air bubbles. The utensil is passed down through the mixture, across the bottom, and up the opposite side of the bowl, gently turning the mixture over. fold

13 to shred food into coarse pieces by rubbing it on the teeth of a utensil or rough surface grate

14 to mechanically break down a food into a finer texture grind

15 to cut into long narrow strips julienne

16 a mixing process in which dough is folded, pressed, and squeezed to strengthen the gluten strands and allow yeast dough to develop the proper texture knead

17 to break a food by pressing it with the back of a spoon, a masher, or forcing it through a ricer mash

18 to cut into very fine pieces mince

19 to combine two or more ingredients into one mass mix

20 to remove the stem and outer covering of a vegetable or fruit with a paring knife or peeler pare

21 to put food through a fine sieve or a food mill to form a thick and smooth liquid puree

22 to cut into four equal parts quarter

23 to make small, shallow cuts on the surface of a food score

24 to separate into parts section

25 to cut or tear into thin pieces shred

26 to put a dry ingredient through a sieve or sifter to remove lumps sift

27 to cut into thin, flat pieces slice

28 to cut into long slender pieces sliver

29 to cut into small bits with kitchen shears snip

30 move the ingredients in a circular motion to mix or prevent burning stir

31 to mix lightly with a rising and falling action toss

32 to beat rapidly, usually with a whisk, to increase volume and incorporate air whip

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