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Kitchen Principles Chapter 7.

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1 Kitchen Principles Chapter 7

2 Objectives Define and give examples of major appliances, small appliances, and utensils Explain what a work center is an identify the three basic kitchen work centers

3 Your New Apartment What items would you need for your new kitchen?

4 Introduction to the Kitchen
Three Basic kinds of equipment Major appliances Small appliances Utensils

5 Major Appliances Large device that gets its energy form electricity or gas Examples: Range (Stove/Oven) Refrigerator-freezer Microwave Dishwasher

6 Small Appliances Small electrical household device used tp perform simple tasks Examples: Mixer Food Processor Blender Toaster

7 Utensils Kitchen tools Examples Measuring cups Knives Peelers Pots
Pans Cookware

8 Activity In groups find an example of each of the three basic kinds of kitchen equipment Major Appliance Small Appliance Utensil

9 Kitchen Work Centers What is a Work Center?
Area designed for specific kitchen tasks Well-designed work centers include: All the equipment you need Sufficient storage space Safe, convenient work space

10 Three Basic Work Centers
Cold Storage Center Refrigerator-Freezer is the focus of this center

11 Three Basic Work Centers
Sink Center Main source of water Uses? Washing fresh fruits and vegetables Draining foods Washing Dishes

12 Three Basic Work Centers
Cooking Center Range and related items What are some of these related items? Cooking tools Pots and Pans Pot Holders Small cooking appliances

13 Work Center Activity In small groups, draw a rough floor plan of the school foods lab kitchen. Show the location of: the sink major appliances Cabinets counters Circle and Label each work center Identify the location of at least: two small appliances three kinds of utensils

14 Section One Quiz What is a major appliance? What is a small appliance?
What is a utensil? What is a kitchen work center? Name three major work centers of the kitchen.

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