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Adaptive Health Behaviors. Adaptive responses to health-related situations.

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1 Adaptive Health Behaviors








9 Adaptive responses to health-related situations

10 Adaptive Health Behaviors Pattern of adapting to health

11 Adaptive Health Behaviors Active Exercise Avoiding Care Good Nutrition Health Information seeking React to illness Save Money on Health Fitness Commitment No family health responsibility

12 Adaptive Health Behaviors = 15 million adults

13 Adaptive Health Behaviors High alcohol use High cigarette smoking 50% higher migraines 30% higher cholesterol 65% higher rate liver disease 85% higher rate weight problems 75% higher rate back pain 72% higher rate depression

14 Adaptive Health Behaviors The Patterns of Adapting To Health (PATH)

15 Adaptive Health Behaviors PATH 3: Wisely Frugal Active health information seekers Low exercise Some nutrition Emotional stress, anxiety Chronic allergies, respiratory conditions PATH 1: Critically Discerning Some physical activity Some health literacy Uninvolved in wellness reactive to health problems emotional stress, anxiety, sleeplessness Obesity PATH 2: Health Contented Avoids health care disinterest in health sedentary lifestyle poor diet Disinterest in health information Obesity Emotional stress, anxiety, sleeplessness, depression, migraines Patterns of Adapting to Health (PATH)

16 Adaptive Health Behaviors PATH 4: Traditionalist Sedentary lifestyle Poor diet Low health literacy High rates of chronic disease and health risks Underutilize prescription medications External locus of control (depends on others) PATH 5: Family Centered Family’s health above all other health matters Constantly seek to enhance family health Moderate physical activity Moderate health literacy Most sensitive to the age and life stage of the population Obesity Postpartum depression PATH 6: Family Driven Moderation in all health care opinions and behaviors Moderate interest in health information nutrition and physical fitness Higher rates of illness/disease increasing medical claims

17 Adaptive Health Behaviors PATH 7: Healthcare Driven Involved in good nutrition/healthy dieting Moderate physical exercise High health literacy Frequent use of healthcare care Highest rates of most diagnosed diseases Highest medical costs “Proactive health and wellness” PATH 8: Independently Healthy Vigorous physical activity good nutrition/healthy diet High health literacy The healthiest, most active lower rates of all diseases “fitness” PATH 9: Naturalist Use of alternative health Good nutrition Moderately active High health literacy lack of trust in medical professionals Higher rates of heart disease, skin cancer, breast cancer, migraines, high cholesterol “Proactive health and wellness”

18 Adaptive Health Behaviors Deep pattern Health-related beliefs, goals, actions, habits Predicts areas of health you approach and are attracted to; areas you avoid and are repulsed by Affects the way you see, respond to your health world Unconsciously shapes health PATH Identity Pattern of adapting to health

19 Adaptive Health Behaviors

20 PATH and Healthy Lifestyle

21 Adaptive Health Behaviors PATH and Depression

22 Adaptive Health Behaviors PATH and Obesity

23 Adaptive Health Behaviors Problem: The PATH hidden No awareness of PATH within Optimal health tied to one PATH

24 Adaptive Health Behaviors PATH Personal Analysis Deepen knowledge Reveal dominant PATH Deepen knowledge of all PATH effects on PATH Identity Solution:

25 Adaptive Health Behaviors PATH Personal Analysis Session 1 Assessment Depth probing Session 2 Dominant PATH Dominant PATH Behavioral Traits and Biases Long-term health effect

26 Adaptive Health Behaviors PATH Personal Analysis PATH Change Map Session 2 Map from dominant PATH to Optimal PATH for long-term health

27 Adaptive Health Behaviors PATH Coaching Following PATH Change Map

28 Adaptive Health Behaviors Frederick H. Navarro, PhD Quantum Publishing

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