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Personalisation for All? Organising for personalisation at scale Chris Yapp Head of Public Sector Innovation Microsoft.

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1 Personalisation for All? Organising for personalisation at scale Chris Yapp Head of Public Sector Innovation Microsoft

2 The New Renaissance Explosion of Information New concepts Blurring of boundaries between arts/humanities/science and technology Small is beautiful: the city state Globalisation and diversity

3 Do you believe… “that e-learning can transform the experience of education?” IF SO HOW LONG BEFORE IT HAPPENS?

4 A hypothesis? Learning always has been and always will be a personalised experience It is the organisation of education that has been impersonal The impediment has been economic scaleability Technology is making personalisation achievable at scale

5 Mark Twain “ I never allowed My schooling to Interfere with my Education”

6 Our Choice as a Society Ask what kind of society technology progress will create Policy-technocrat approach And/Or What kind of society do we want to create utilising technological progress Think Tank approach

7 Values of the Information Society? Competitiveness with social inclusion Risk: management over minimisation Lifelong Learning for all Social Innovation over Technological Innovation “Smallish” is beautiful Participation over representation Interdependence over independence Value-added with values

8 What I am told by practitioners The structure The culture The funding Works against optimising e-Learning

9 Personalisation? Content Navigation Assessment Location Learning styles

10 Types of E-Learning Location Different Same Time Different Same Distributed Asynchronous Learning E-classroom E-library E-campus Distributed Synchronous Learning

11 Plus ca change? Teacher Surgeon Train Driver …

12 The Biggest Mistake New Teacher = Old Teacher + IT

13 IT and Globalisation Minimum skill set for a living wage rising Demand for low-skilled workers falling Rate of change of skill needs increasing State budgets under pressure Increased demands for creativity, innovation, design and personal/inter-personal skills

14 The Underlying Logic People are for thinking, machines for doing If it can be done, it can be automated If it can be automated it can be done elsewhere more cheaply What do we mean by high-skilled?

15 Lessons from Industry IT is about organisational effectiveness Optimising effectiveness comes through organisational change Re-engineering Education to support Lifelong learning

16 Re-engineer what? The educational infrastructure The curriculum and assessment The teaching professions To put the learner at the heart of the system

17 Learning on Demand Personalised, mass-customisation User-driven quality Teamwork-oriented teaching and learning Exams and Qualifications? Administration built-in not bolted-on to teaching and learning processes

18 The Economics of Mass Customisation Standardisation Specialisation Integration Around the demand side to free resources to deliver efficiency and effectiveness

19 This implies… A Culture of lifelong learning Access to lifelong learning Content to support individual lifelong learners A social context for lifelong learning

20 MIT90s paradigm The Organisation External environment Management Processes Strategy Organisation Design IT People and Roles

21 MIT90s paradigm Management Processes People and Roles The Organisation External environment StrategyIT Organisational Culture

22 Learning Organisations Theory Practice Learning

23 Education vs Training? Scientist Engineer Technician Education Training Learning To Think Learning To Do

24 Education or Training? Scientist Engineer Technician Stable Times Unstable Times Learning To Think Learning To Do

25 5 Levels of Transformation Extent of benefits Local exploitation Scope Redefinition Network Redesign Process Redesign Internal Integration Evolutionary Revolutionary Internal External Source: MIT Degree of transformation

26 Formal/Informal Learning Formal Informal FormalInformal Process Content Course TV Search Engine Experience

27 Learner types? Visual Auditory Kinaesthetic

28 Multiple Intelligences Mathematical and logical Linguistic Interpersonal Intrapersonal Bodily kinaesthetic Musical Naturalist Visual and Spatial

29 Technologies for Personalisation Web Accessibility Navigation Smart Cards Voice Handwriting Gestures Implants ….

30 Assessment and Accreditation Modular When ready, not age! Credit accumulation and transfer Time stamped? Vocational/academic Process and/or content Assessment for/of Learning Bachelor of Learning?

31 From Pilots to Embedding Need X Vision X Capabilities X First steps

32 Content What is content? Ownership? Who creates content? Tools for teachers or content for teachers?

33 A Learner in her life plays many parts.. Student Teacher Librarian/Curator Researcher Assessor Counsellor Parent ……

34 Teacher Roles Subject matter expert Learning resources manager Learning coach Educational administrator Staff development manager Curriculum agent Counsellor: personal, career, social Trainees

35 Creativity and IT Combinatorial Exploratory Transformational Source: Margaret Boden

36 The Policy Challenges Sort out the role of the professional teacher Make progress on the content vs tools debate Accessibility to e-Learning The Pensions Crisis The over 50s disappeared Health education Intellectual property… Evidence..

37 Plugging the book!!!

38 Transformation Be realistic about how long it will take Celebrate success Innovate, Learn and Push the boundaries

39 The New Renaissance “ The generation that is alive today has the chance to design the next civilisation. That is a gift not given to every generation” Douglas Robertson, 1999

40 Chris Yapp Head of Public Sector Innovation Microsoft

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