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Environmental Careers Icebreaker Introduce yourself to someone. Ask them one question to help you discover the environmental career that is pictured on.

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1 Environmental Careers Icebreaker Introduce yourself to someone. Ask them one question to help you discover the environmental career that is pictured on your back. Answer one question from the other person. Move on to a new person. When you think you know what your environmental career is, sit down. (No peeking!)

2 Arborist, Urban Forester I study trees to see whether they should be removed because of Emerald Ash Borer infestations.

3 Atmospheric Scientist I use satellite data to track the warming of ocean currents and predict severe storms

4 Biological Laboratory Technician I test fish tissue samples to see whether pollutants in river water are limiting the size of fish or causing tumors

5 Biologist I conduct bioassays like collecting fish and tissue samples to see whether populations and individuals are healthy

6 Certified Operator I operate a large municipal drinking water treatment plant

7 Chemical Laboratory Technician I test soil samples to see whether there has been contamination from leaking storage tanks

8 City/County Recycling Coordinator I teach people how to recycle, and promote its environmental and economic benefits. I help provide drop-off and collection programs to make it convenient for people to recycle.

9 Civil Engineer I design storm water drains, retention ponds and grass swales around houses, shopping centers and parking lots to prevent flooding and water pollution

10 Civil Engineer I design and oversee construction of landfill cells to be sure they won’t leak or release odors

11 Civil engineer I design wastewater treatment systems for cities and factories

12 Communications Specialist I use many channels – newspapers, TV, social media, video, brochures, websites, community meetings – to provide information to the public about environmental issues.

13 Conservationist I manage our park district’s new prairie to keep out invasive species and provide habitat for migrating birds and butterflies.

14 Corporate Sustainability Coordinator I look for ways to reduce our company’s energy consumption and waste generation, make our products more environmentally friendly, and increase the amount that we recycle and reuse.

15 Emergency Responder I help prevent fires and clean up spills of hazardous materials

16 Energy Consultant I work with landowners to install wind turbines in places where they will generate the most energy with the least environmental impact

17 Environmental Engineer I try to find cleaner, more efficient ways to produce electricity

18 Environmental Health and Safety Manager I am responsible for my company’s compliance with environmental regulations, including securing permits, collecting data, maintaining equipment, and training our employees.

19 Environmental Inspector I inspect power plants and factories to be sure they are not emitting more pollutants than they are allowed to.

20 Environmental Scientist I take samples of ground water around landfills to be sure that pollution isn’t migrating offsite to the neighbors’ drinking water wells

21 Environmental Scientist I study hydric soils and plants to determine where highways and shopping centers can be built to prevent or minimize damage to sensitive wetlands

22 Environmental Scientist I do laboratory and field tests to monitor environmental conditions and investigate suspected sources of pollution

23 Epidemiologist I investigate patterns and causes of disease – like the source of contaminated water that made some residents sick.

24 Fish and Wildlife Technician I help manage fish and wildlife populations through habitat manipulation, stocking fish and birds, and monitoring wildlife populations through surveys

25 Forester I manage forests and calculate the number of trees that can be harvested and the amount of wood that a tree will produce

26 Game Warden, Wildlife Officer I enforce laws to protect wildlife and wildlife habitat, including hunting and fishing permits

27 Geologist I study rock formations to determine whether this might be a good site for coal mining, carbon sequestration or shale gas development

28 Hazardous Material Removal Worker I clean up abandoned factories and dump sites, and oversee removal of asbestos, lead and mold.

29 Hydrogeologist I study underground aquifers to see whether they will provide adequate supplies of drinking water, or to predict where pollution plumes might be moving underground

30 Hydrogeologist I use borings to take samples from underground aquifers to test the safety of drinking water wells and supplies

31 Marine Biologist I study organisms that live in salt water

32 Microbiologist I study microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites and how they interact with the environment.

33 Occupational Safety and Health Specialist I study the workplace to prevent injuries and protect our employees from radiation, lead, asbestos, mold, noise, pesticides, and communicable diseases.

34 Pollution Control Equipment Technician I install emission control equipment on trucks and school buses, to reduce engine idling and air pollution

35 Naturalist I help people identify and learn about plants, amphibians, insects and animals in a park or nature center

36 Soil Conservationist I work with farmers to prevent runoff from their fields into streams

37 Soil Scientist I study soil and determine which types are best for growing crops, building homes, or installing septic systems to treat wastewater

38 Solar Energy Technician I install solar panels to help buildings create and store electricity

39 Transportation Engineer I design mass transit systems and traffic controls to reduce automobile engine idling and air pollution

40 Urban and Regional Planner I help builders design new neighborhoods to provide more green space, manage storm water, and make it easier for people to bike or walk to work and school

41 Wildlife biologist I am studying sandhill cranes to see whether the population has recovered enough to remove them from Ohio’s endangered species list

42 Wildlife Educator I monitor the nest box on a downtown office building, band the new chicks, and use our FalconCam Website to teach people about the recovery of Ohio’s peregrine falcons

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