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Charles Lyell & Jean-Baptiste Lamarck

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1 Charles Lyell & Jean-Baptiste Lamarck
By: Will Fraleigh

2 Charles Lyell Charles Lyell was born in 1797, and died in 1875
Charles Lyell was a lawyer and Geologist, known for his sizable contributions to the field. He formulated a theory called Uniformitarianism with the help of James Hutton.

3 James Hutton James Hutton was a Scottish geologist, physician and naturalist born in 1726 He is known popularly as “The father of modern geology” He was responsible for sizable contributions to the field of geology such as: Uniformitarianism & Plutonism

4 Uniformitarianism This was a theory created by Charles Lyell and James Hutton, a Geologist like Lyell Geological changes are slow continuous rather than catastrophic, the small changes would start to build over time into much greater changes in the land. Contrary to the current (at that time) belief that the earth was shaped quickly by violent events.

5 Key Points of Uniformitarianism
This was one of the first theories of geological change that suggested earth was more than 6000 years old When James Hutton first came up with the theory it wasn’t recognized for some time until Charles Lyell made revisions and publicized it more. To this day many of the key points of this theory still hold true, especially the aspects of geological change.

6 Charles Darwin & Charles Lyell
Charles Darwin was also influenced greatly by Charles Lyell and his theory of uniformitarianism. He thought that even though the theory was expressed about geological features that it could also hold true to the evolution of populations. This turned out to have some truth in it. Because just as land living organisms change very slowly in small steps.

7 Uniformitariansim Video
Note: He sounds like Crocodile Dundee…

8 Jean-Baptiste Lamarck
Jean-Baptiste Lamarck was a Biologist born in 1744 Jean-Baptiste Lamarck outlined his ideas about changes in species over time by comparing there current forms with their fossil forms

9 Inheritance of acquired characteristics
Lamarck hypothesized that the organisms would become progressively better adapted to their environments. Ex: The giraffe getting a progressively long neck in order to feed off trees. Inheritance of acquired characteristics: the idea that characteristics acquired doing an organisms lifetime can be passed on to its offspring


11 Acceptance of the Theory
Many people at the time didn’t accept Lamarck’s theory because they believed that species stayed the same and never changed. This was because at the time there was very little knowledge of cell biology and how adaptive they really were. This belief would be more extensively disproved by Charles Darwin.

12 Charles Darwin and Lamarck
Charles Darwin, who created the generally accepted theory of evolution by natural selection found there to be a lot of truth in what Lamarck had to say. He eventually used a slightly altered version of Lamarck’s theory as he created the theory of evolution. There is no doubt that Lamarck greatly influenced Charles Darwin and contributed a great deal towards what we now know as the theory of evolution.

13 Lamarck Video e=related

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