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Hamilton Naturalists’ Club. Naturalist A person who specializes in natural history, especially in the study of plants and animals in their natural surroundings.

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1 Hamilton Naturalists’ Club

2 Naturalist A person who specializes in natural history, especially in the study of plants and animals in their natural surroundings.

3 Learning Objectives Understanding the HNC goals history activities volunteer opportunities Contact points for more information at the HNC

4 HNC Goals to promote the enjoyment of nature through environmental appreciation and conservation to foster public interest and education in the appreciation and study of nature to encourage the conservation of natural resources and environmental protection

5 History May 8, 1919 the Hamilton Bird Protection Society is founded with the objectives of: protection of land, hospitality to wild birds, increased knowledge of bird species, and the awakening of public interest in bird protection and bird studies.

6 History – First Steps Establishing Bird Sanctuaries 1919 Barton Reservoir 1920 Dundas Marsh (Cootes Paradise) 1927 Marsh was officially declared a game sanctuary by the Ontario Department of Game and Fisheries. (RBG)

7 History – Education of Children 1919 the Club has educated children and the general public about biodiversity and the protection and enhancement of wildlife habitat beginning with the organizing of 273 Junior Audubon Clubs in 45 Hamilton area schools

8 History – Records 1921 Christmas Bird Count was done in the Hamilton region. 1925 Noteworthy Bird Records of the Hamilton area. The Club has also made significant contributions to the Ontario Breeding Bird Atlas, the Ontario Rare Bird Atlas, the Ontario Bird Record Committee and the Ontario Herpetofaunal Summary.

9 History – Turning Point 1958 President Robert Elstone - “it is becoming apparent that there is neither will or facility for government, or other groups, to guard against pollution and development” 1961 the Club was the first Naturalist Club in Ontario (and the second in Canada) to purchase land to become a nature sanctuary in perpetuity.

10 History – Notable Notes 1961 Club member Raymond Lowes “ a dream that can be made real.”

11 History – Survey/Inventory 1976 “comprehensive survey of biotic elements” in the region to help identify and secure ESA designations 1987 Herpetofaunal Atlas and computerizes all documentation recorded in the Wood Duck by members over the years 1988/89 botanical survey of the Dundas Valley 1991 comprehensive region-wide biotic inventory nicknamed “What’s Alive in Hamilton”.

12 Notable Notes 1989 as a first step towards the restoration of Cootes Paradise, the Club raised $15,000.00 for this goal. 1991 the Club endorsed an ambitious Fish and Wildlife Habitat Restoration Project aimed at restoring the marsh. This $12.6 million project was the first to be funded by the Great Lakes Cleanup Fund.

13 History - Advocacy efforts include: urging that the Ancaster Radial Line property be declared a Provincial park; opposing further infilling of Hamilton Harbour; opposing a major highway project that would have had Highway 403 go through Cootes Paradise and another highway built through the Dundas Valley;

14 History – Advocacy 1995-96 Red Hill Valley Despite efforts by the HNC and other Friends of the Red Hill Valley an expressway was erected in the early 2000’s

15 History – Study/Inventory 1987 to 1991 the Club prepared a Herpetofaunal Atlas to supply information about the species and relative abundance of all the reptiles and amphibians known to live within the 40 km of Hamilton.

16 History – Protection of Endangered Species 1986/87 Club raises and releases Bald Eagles 1996 Falconwatch

17 1961 the Hamilton Naturalists’ Club became the first volunteer organization in Ontario (and the second in Canada) to purchase a significant area as a nature sanctuary. 1993 a further acquisition brought the sanctuary to 165 acres History- Sanctuary

18 Spooky Hollow 1961Short Hill 1967Cartwright 2004 Thomas and Mary Young 2005Amaolo 2010

19 History – Land Trust 2005 HNC formed the Head-of-the-Lake Land Trust In 1998, the Club became a founding member of the Ontario Nature Trust Alliance, an organization formed by owners of Land Trusts and Private Nature Sanctuaries whose purpose is to share information and support each other in this vital work.

20 Club - Activities Land Trust management and sanctuary stewardship Monthly membership meetings Monthly Bird Study meetings Monthly Wood Duck publication Field Events Conservation and Education Advocacy Falconwatch

21 The Future

22 One of the most exciting initiatives underway in which the HNC is once again playing a key role in a collaborative effort is the Cootes to Escarpment EcoPark System. The Cootes to Escarpment EcoPark System is a collaborative initiative to protect, restore and connect almost 1,900 hectares (4,700 acres) of natural lands at the western end of Lake Ontario.

23 Club - Funding The Hamilton Naturalist Club is a volunteer based, non- government organization They receive funding through a variety of sources Foundations and endowment funds Bequests Donations – both citizens and corporate Memberships Government grants Activity based fundraising

24 Club - “Behind the Scenes” Board of Directors Members and Volunteers Staff – Land Trust Program Coordinator

25 Volunteer Roles Board of Directors Membership Program (monthly meetings) Sanctuary/Head-of-the-Lake Land Trust Bird Study (monthly meetings) Falcon Watch Conservation and Education Field Events Wood Duck Publications Fund Development and Fundraising Volunteers There are over 80 distinct volunteer roles within the HNC. They fall under the following basic areas:

26 Volunteer Roles Episodic Occasional Weekly Monthly Ongoing Work Party Outing registration Junior Naturalist Biologist Team Leadership Project Management Event Planning Administrative Fund Development

27 We invite you to chat about how we can match your skills and interests with opportunities at the Club

28 Thank you for your time and attention Questions? For more information: HNC Website HTTL Website HNC Facebook Naturalists-Club/386408715600 Naturalists-Club/386408715600 Lee Jones – Jen Baker –

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