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Realism & Naturalism.

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1 Realism & Naturalism

2 Realism The attempt in literature and art to represent life as it really is, without sentimentalizing or idealizing it. Realistic writing often depicts the everyday life and speech of ordinary people

3 Realist themes Experience of the commonplace Focus on the middle class
Industrial revolution Interactions between different classes and countries Complex ethical choices Ordinary characters are studied in depth

4 Realist characters Shared guilt or responsibility
Not extraordinary, everyday people, middle class folk No distinctive heroes or villains, mix of strengths and flaws Motivated by survival, greed, self-preservation, materialistic Deep connection w nature, each other, social class & past Intricate and layered Democratic, open to change and experimentation


6 Realist writing style Regional dialects, extensive dialogue that connected w public Simple language so everyone can understand it Specific to a time period, or place, or time in history Character is more important than the plot Descriptive writing, even if it is graphic Comic, satiric, or matter-of-fact Narrated by an outside voice

7 Naturalism An extreme form of realism
Naturalistic writers usually depict the sordid side of life and show characters who are severely, if not hopelessly, limited by their environment or heredity.

8 Naturalist themes Nature (scientific observation)
Survival of the fittest Lack of free will Vice, dark side of humans & society person vs. nature, person vs. self Passions such as lust and greed

9 Naturalist characters
Frequently poorly educated or of the lower class Their attempt at free will is hurt by forces beyond their control Struggle with conscience and determining their fate Characters controlled by fate & environment Unable to stand up against the enormous weight of circumstances Characters are pushed to their limits.

10 Naturalist characters
Heredity & environment control the individual Rejection of the supernatural Nature vs. nurture Chance, fate & destiny Poverty, crime, violence, racism, intolerance, disease, corruption, urban squalor, industrialism, prostitution

11 Naturalist writing style
No sugar coating Objective narrator Plot twist at the end Detailed violence Formal language, piling on of images Attention to setting to the point of saturation

12 Key terms Verisimilitude-the appearance of truth
Brute within-strong, warring emotions, and a fight for survival Vernacular- the language or dialect spoken by the people of a particular region Determinism- belief that events are determined by forces beyond the control of human beings; all events have sufficient causes Social Darwinism- survival of the fittest

13 Key terms Mimesis- imitation of the real world, as by re-creating instances of human action and events portraying objects found in nature Muckrakers-American journalists & novelists who exposed corruption in big business and government

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