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Charles Darwin By Andrew Muniz 2004-2005 By Andrew Muniz 2004-2005.

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1 Charles Darwin By Andrew Muniz 2004-2005 By Andrew Muniz 2004-2005

2 Life Born in Shrewsbury, England on February twelfth 1809. His grandfather was a naturalist and delved in evolution theories of past naturalists. His Grandfather influenced his career selection.

3 College Went to Edinburgh university to study theology, but left to Cambridge university. At Cambridge university, studied anatomy and biology in general. He majored in the field of anatomy and other fields in biology.

4 H.M.S. Beagle Charles Darwin was the naturalist aboard the H.M.S. Beagle, the boat that went on the expedition around the world. The scientific crew onboard went around the world to better the world of science.

5 South America He found fossils that intrigued and he decided to collect them for further study when he returned to London. All fossils collected would be used to help with his theories

6 Galapagos Island Darwin decided to study the different types of finches that appeared in the Galapagos islands. This is because the species changed greatly island to island. These studies further allowed him to amass more supportive cases for his theories.

7 Aftermath After the expedition he marries his cousin Emma Wedgwood. He returns to London conduct work on his theories on evolution. He came up with the four theories: evolution has occurred, most evolution induced change is gradual.

8 Origin of species About ten years later Darwin compiled many of his theories and published them in his book, “The Origin of Species” This book was a best seller in the first in its first year of being published. It also shook the foundations of many religions that follow creationism.

9 Natural selection Another one of Darwin’s theories. This theory that species choose to pass on their more favorable traits to their offspring that their less helpful traits. This theory as well as others caused loads and loads of controversy. Mainly among religious leaders and Darwinists.

10 Theological opinion Many people have looked for Darwin’s opinion on religion. The thing is that they’ll never find one since he respected the thoughts of his family, friends, and his colleagues.

11 Death Died on April, 19 1882. He died of a disease he contracted at the Galapagos islands the first time he went there. Many religious leaders that were there trying to disprove evolution said that he had renounced it. This is a lie since his daughter and other family members can tell otherwise.

12 Darwinism Scientists and other people have followed Darwin’s theories to the point that they have used his works as their first form of logic. They try to disprove all religion that they encounter but seem to contradict themselves every time.

13 About the author I am Andrew Muniz and I like to play video games and read novels that would give most people a migraine. I also laugh, a lot. If I start laughing… I WON’T STOP! I also like Final Fantasy, A LOT!

14 Bibliography Http:// darwin.html win-bio.html esDarwin m-S95.html

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