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1 Unit 2 The Dinner Party Men are braver than Women??...

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1 1 Unit 2 The Dinner Party Men are braver than Women??...

2 A heated discussion about whether men are braver than woman is settled in a rather unex pected way.

3 The setting of the story was in India. A young girl and a major had a heated discussion about how women would react to a crisis at a dinner party, which is give n by a colonial official and his wife. Then one of the g uests noticed a strange expression come over the fac e of the hostess and wondered what was happening. It so happened there was a cobra in the room and it was crawling across the feet of the hostess! In the en d, the crisis was tackled in a perfect way. The crisis s howed that women are able to face a crisis with perfe ct calmness and great self-control.


5 Contents Pre-activities: background info ( India, Table setting, Cobra ) IndiaTable settingCobra Text Reading: –When & where was the dinner party?When & where was the dinner party? –Who were at the dinner party?Who were at the dinner party? –What happened at the dinner party?What happened at the dinner party? –What’s the intention of the author?What’s the intention of the author? Language learning Post-activities: food for thinking, writingfood for thinkingwriting


7 Background info --- India India used to be a British colony There lived many British officers and their families On one hand, they were familiar with their living environm ent already. On the other hand, they still led a British social life ---- par ties, social activities were never ignored.

8 Background info ---Table setting At a formal party, the order of the seats were stres sed to show politeness to the guests. L M L M L ImM H HS ImL M L M L M L M L H (8, 12, 16, 20, 24) ImM ImL M HS

9 Background info --- cobra Snakes usually feed on small mammals, birds, re ptiles or fish. Some snakes, like cobra, are poison ous and can kill with a single bite. Boas( 蟒 ) suff ocate ( 使窒息 ) their prey by wrapping tightly aro und it.

10 Background info --- cobra Cobras, also called “spectacled cobra”, are rather s low snakes. They can be found in some parts of Af rican and Asia. A full-grown Indian cobra is nearl y six feet long and about five inches around.

11 When & where? Time: –shortly before WWI Place: –India --- a colonial official’s home What was the dinning room like?

12 Dinning room spacious bare marble floor open rafters wide glass doors opening onto a veranda long table for 20

13 Who? The host and the hostess officers and their wives & a young girl and a majo r The visiting American naturalist

14 What happened at the dinner party? girl vs. major –a spirited discussion host –listened and likely to be involved Am. naturalist –watch hostess –motioned to a native boy

15 the spirited discussion girl –woman have outgrown the jumping-on-a-chair-at-the-sight-of-a-m ouse era major –they haven’t –women --- scream in any crisis –men --- that last ounce of control counts Am. naturalist

16 Watch whom? the other guests the hostess the native boy What did he respond to the situation? first impulse to jump counting test for better control

17 the hostess facial expression? –strange --- staring straight ahead, muscle contractin g action? –motioned to the native boy and whispered sth.

18 the native boy response? –eyes widened, leave the room quickly action? –place a bowl of milk on the veranda outside the open doors What does this mean? Cobra!

19 the counting test want to know what control everyone at the table has count three hundred --- five minutes move a muscle --- forfeit 50 rupees What happened at the end of his counting? The cobra made for the milk.

20 end of story people’s reaction in the end? –Screaming host’s remark? –An example of men’s perfect self-control naturalist’s reply? –To the hostess How did she know that a cobra was in the room? It was crawling across her foot.

21 What’s the intention of the author? (L2) “though any naturalist would know it couldn’t be” –food for snakes –purpose-oriented Who is braver, men or women? –Generally speaking, men is stronger physically, but that doesn’t mean women are weak. They may behave very brave and calm in some cases, even in crisis.

22 Language learning heatedunexpectedshortly track downbe seatedbare & empty spring upoutgrow jumping-on-a-chair-at-the-sight-of-a-mouse era whilefeel likecount join in contractmotion come to likelywarn frighten … intoemergering out light up

23 heateda. lively, spirited The two professors started a heated debate on whether inte llectuals should go into business. It was a very heated argument and people were shouting at each other.

24 unexpecteda. unthought of He made an unexpected appearance and took up two hours out of my li mited time. The weather change is so unexpected that many people shudder in the wind. The old woman was shocked by the unexpected death of her son.

25 shortly (after/before) ad. soon He sent me his address in Boston shortly before I lef t for the US. He died shortly after the car crash.

26 The magazine story, and the person…, I’ve never been able to track down. track down 的宾语为 “the magazine story, and the person who…” 起强调作用, 密切上下句 This the masses can understand. Everything young Albert touched he did well.

27 track down find by determined searching or hunting Did the hunter manage to track down the wounded deer? They hope to track down the source of the infection ( 传 染源 ).

28 be seated: sit down (not passive, but reveal state) Ladies and gentlemen, please be seated. (the performan ce is to begin soon) Be seated, folks, we’ll start our class soon.

29 bare & empty: bare a. 1) without clothing/covering to protect bare legs/waist, bare-foot doctor, bare floor, bare tr ee After years of efforts, those bare hills are now cove red with young trees. 2) basic, just only sufficient His income can only buy the bare necessities of life. The candidate won the election by a bare majority.

30 empty a. 1) have nothing or nobody in or inside The streets were almost empty. He came back from fishing empty-handed. My mind seems completely empty of ideas. (~ of sth.) 2) without sense or purpose empty words/ talk/ dreams/ promise He did not want to retire and had to lead an empty life.

31 spring up: arise, develop or grow quickly Towns have sprung up in those remote areas. When the problem was solved, another sprang up.

32 outgrow v. grow beyond or get rid of by growing old outgrow a childish habits/ one’s earlier interests I have outgrown the craze for chasing stars. Bill has outgrown the fear of the dark.

33 jumping-on-a-chair-at-the-sight- of-a-mou se era (the era) when they would jump on a chair at the sight of a mouse a not-so-easy-to-operate machine an always-say-no-to-anybody-girl

34 while 1) during the time that Never get on or off a bus while it is still moving. 2) although While I can understand you, I can’t agree with you. 3) whereas Some people waste food while others haven’t enough. 4) as long as While you promise to be back earlier, I will let you go.

35 feel like: feel a desire for; be inclined for or to I feel like a big meal now. He is so sick today that he does not feel like hav ing anything to eat.

36 count v. 1) say/name numbers in order The boy can count to 100 now. 2) calculate the total of sth. Has the votes been counted up yet? 3) be of value or importance 很重要 At the moment, every minute counts. Her opinion counts because of her experience.

37 join in: take part in (an activity) Nearly everyone joined in the discussion. Sarah never joins in; she always plays on her own. Note: We can either say “join in a game” or “join a game”, but we can only say “join the Party/the Youth League”.

38 contract v. 1) make or become tighter or narrower Her stomach contracted at the sight of a dead rat. (~ his forehead ) The tunnel contracts to a narrow passageway as you go deeper. 2) make or become smaller or shorter The word “Madame” usu. contracts to “Mm.” The Government plans to contract its import. Note: contract/ contact/ contest/ content

39 motion v. give a signal by moving the hand or head The manager motioned (to) me to a chair/ in/ away. He motioned to the waiter for his bill. He motioned me to sit down while talking into the phone. n. 1) signal by hand of head He made a motion to let me sit down. 2) moving The clock is still in motion after twenty years. 3) proposal to be discussed and voted The Congress passed the motion to impeach the President.

40 come to: return to consciousness When he came to, he found himself in a hospital. It was a long time before she came to -- her son has died.

41 likely a. probable 可能的 –Ms. White is a likely candidate for the job. –This is a likely place for him to stay. ad. probably 可能地 ( 多与 most, very 连用 ) –We will most likely be late. –Very likely, he will forget all about it.

42 句型 sb. is likely to do sth. It is likely that… She is very likely to ring me tonight. He is much more likely to be in the library. It is highly likely that he will win the race. It is likely that she will quit the job.

43 warn v. give notice of possible danger; inform in advance ~ sb. of sth. / ~ sb. not to do sth. / ~ that … We had warned him of the danger but he turned a deaf e ar to our warning. The children were warned not to open the door to a stra nger. The whistle warned visitors that the ship was ready to sa il.

44 frighten sb. into doing sth. They tried every means to frighten the old man into signing the paper. The little girl was frightened into screaming at the sight of t he big green worm. (force, talk, shock, persuade, trick etc. 有同样用法 )

45 emerge v. come or appear from somewhere The diver (swimmer) emerged from under the water in a minute. If the economy goes on like this, another crisis will em erge soon.

46 ring out: sound loudly and clearly Cheers rang out from the group waiting in front of the build ing. The bell rang out when it got to the midnight of the New Y ear.

47 light up: give light to; become or make bright 照亮 ; ( 脸, 眼 ) 发亮, 露出喜色 The fire lit up the whole neighborhood. A smile of triumph lit up his face when the news came.

48 Words to Drill argument emerge impulse slam bare faint likely slightly contract heated

49 Words to Drill motion tone crawl host outgrow unexpected crisis image shortly widen

50 Food for thinking –social roles Socially, we are given different roles to play and dif ferent personalities/qualities to present since we we re born as boys and girls. Can you figure out some of them?

51 Writing Write a short passage on “social roles” fixed structure: Men and women act different social roles in society. … Men are supposed to … While, women are supposed to …

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