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History of evolutionary thought 2 Darwin. Historical Context for Darwin’s Ideas.

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1 History of evolutionary thought 2 Darwin

2 Historical Context for Darwin’s Ideas

3 Erasmus Darwin (1731-1802) Robert Darwin Charles Darwin (1809-1882) Darwin’s family Darwin at 7 yrs

4 University of Edinburgh -medicine University of Cambridge -theology Darwin’s education Shrewsbury

5 John Stevens Henslow (1796-1861) Cambridge professor Theologian, naturalist Would walk the gardens with Darwin Darwin called, “the man who walks with Henslow” Recommended Darwin for Beagle voyage

6 Captain Robert Fitzroy (1805-1865) Young Meticulous Christian "Afterwards on becoming very intimate with Fitzroy, I heard that I had run a very narrow risk of being rejected [as the Beagle's naturalist], on account of the shape of my nose! He was an ardent disciple of Lavater, and was convinced that he could judge a man's character by the outline of his features; and he doubted whether anyone with my nose could possess sufficient energy and determination for the voyage. But I think he was afterwards well-satisfied that my nose had spoken falsely." Charles Darwin


8 Darwin’s Voyage on the HMS Beagle Dec 1831 - Oct 1836

9 Charles DarwinEmma Wedgewood Cousins 10 children 5-7 survived

10 Poor health (Chaga’s disease) Confined to home Correspondence Down house

11 Accumulated data Published various works Did not publish on origin of species Letter from Wallace outlining same mechanism Urged to publish immediately (Lyell & Hooker) Publications

12 Darwin’s Theory of Evolution: A Scientific Revolution Descent with modification provides an explanation for the pattern of unity and diversity in living organisms –species have similar features because they evolved from a common ancestor Natural selection is the mechanism that results in adaptation –species are different because unique traits are favored in contrasting environments

13 Geographic Distribution of Species

14 Plant and Animal Breeding

15 The Unique Flora and Fauna of the Galapagos Islands Species were unique to particular islands. Species closely resembled those on the mainland. How did the differences among species arise?

16 Darwin’s Theory of Evolution: Descent with modification from a common ancestor

17 History of evolutionary thought 3 Post-Darwin

18 Historical Context for Darwin’s Ideas

19 Golden age of evolution - 1870s-1930s Evolution established as fact Natural selection rejected as mechanism

20 Anti-Darwinian theories Neo-Lamarckism Orthogenesis Mutationism

21 Gregor Mendel (1822-1884) Genetics work rediscovered Mechanism of inheritance

22 Evolutionary synthesis 1930s-1940s aka Neo-Darwinian synthesis Reconciled natural selection & genetics

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