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Middletown Adult Education Presents CAACE Conference March 18, 2005 Presenters: Linda Johnson & Christine Livingstone.

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2 Middletown Adult Education Presents


4 CAACE Conference March 18, 2005 Presenters: Linda Johnson & Christine Livingstone

5 TECHNO-tainment What is it? Some define TECHNO-tainment as “technology activities heavily laced with entertainment but essentially lacking in rigor or value.” (McKenzie, 2000) We take issue with this definition and see a good deal of value in TECHNO-tainment. Activity Jamie McKenzie: From Now On, The Educational Technology Journal 10, No 1, September, 2000

6 TECHNO-tainment and Multiple Intelligences Howard Gardner’s monumental research on human thinking identified eight multiple intelligences Perini, M., Silver, H., and Strong, R. (2000), So Each May Learn, Alexandria, VA, Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, pp. 6-9 Verbal-Linguistic ability to manipulate words Logical- Mathematical ability to find patterns, cause and effect, sequencing Spatial ability to create pictures and images Musical ability to create melody and rhythm Bodily-Kinesthetic ability to manipulate objects and make precise bodily movements Interpersonal ability to work well with others and sense others moods, attitudes and desires Intrapersonal ability to access one’s own feelings and emotional states Naturalist highly attuned to plants, animals and the natural environment

7 TECHNO-tainment for Verbal-Linguistic Intelligence Students can create movie scripts at Students can play concentration type games at http://www.bradleys-english- http://www.bradleys-english- Students can learn vocabulary and phonetics at Students can take tests on grammar and vocab at Students get guided instruction in writing poetry at _engine.htm# _engine.htm#

8 TECHNO-tainment for Logical-Mathematical Intelligence Students can play mind games at Students figure out logic puzzles at Students solve crimes Students work with tangram puzzles at

9 TECHNO-tainment for Spatial Intelligence Students draw their own pictures at this site Students get cartoon drawing instructions at this site Students explore works of art and art techniques ed.html

10 TECHNO-tainment for Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence Students practice letters of the alphabet http://www.bradleys-english- Students practice writing letters of the alphabet rchives.html rchives.html Students can act out reader’s theater scripts and

11 TECHNO-tainment for Musical Intelligence Students can listen to songs or to famous speeches Students can sing karaoke oke.htm oke.htm Students can develop vocabulary skills with music

12 TECHNO-tainment for Intrapersonal Intelligence Students explore sites all about them Students take a personality test qskip1=1 qskip1=1 Students take a “can do” ability survey

13 TECHNO-tainment for Interpersonal Intelligence Students create Jeopardy and other games from templates Students make value decisions about culture Students make and play Jeopardy Jeopardy.xls

14 TECHNO-tainment for Naturalist Intelligence Students identify insects /entyouth.htm /entyouth.htm Students explore natural settings

15 Value of TECHNO-tainment Does TECHNO-tainment have value for you and your students in your classroom? E-mail us for more ideas. or

16 That’s all folks Image and sound available at


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