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 The type of alcohol that can be consumed is called___________. It is found in beers, wine, hard liquor, etc.  Alcohol is the most abused and ____________.

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2  The type of alcohol that can be consumed is called___________. It is found in beers, wine, hard liquor, etc.  Alcohol is the most abused and ____________ drug in our society. It is related to 50% of all murders, rapes, auto deaths and ________ 80% of all assaults.  Ethyl alcohol is a _____to the body and must be broke down and eliminated.  Alcohol is not digest like food but is ________ through the mouth, stomach and small intestine. From there it goes into the blood and goes _____________ that blood goes – toes to the nose.  The are 2 ways to make alcohol:  _____________: yeast cells acting on carbohydrates found in fruits, berries, grains, potatoes,etc. This changes the carbohydrates into alcohol, water and carbon dioxide.  Distillation: boiling the _________ juices to yield a higher concentration of alcohol.  Investigate one type of alcohol – how it is made, strength, etc.

3  One can of beer is equal to one glass of wine is equal to one average hard drink.  Do the math and figure out the amount of alcohol per drink.  12 OZ X 5% =  5 Oz. X 12 % =  1.5 Oz X 40 % =  ______ is 2 times the amount of actual alcohol in the drink.  How much alcohol is in a 80 proof bottle of gin?

4 PERFORATED ULCER IN THE STOMACH  95 to 98 percent of the alcohol that a person drinks is broken down by the _____. Less than 5 percent is eliminated by ________on – breath, sweat and urine. ______ is an exception.  One of the first organs to be affected by alcohol is the stomach and small intestine. There are 3 complications: bleeding _____, perforated ulcer and ___________

5 BLEEDING ULCER IN SMALL INTESTINE  A _________ ulcer can cause anemia, pain and death. Because alcohol need no digestion the stomach ______ combine with the ethyl alcohol to irritate and then damage the linings of the stomach and small intestine. Over time it will ______ through the wall and food with acids will spill out into the abdominal cavity. If ____ tissue forms it can obstruct or block the passage of food through the stomach or small intestine.

6  You can not live without a ________. It make enzymes for digestion.  It produces _______ to control blood sugar levels.  __ percent of all pancreas diseases are caused by alcohol misuse and abuse.

7 This pancreas has been damaged by the blockage of _______ (acids) from leaving the pancreas. These acids build up and spill out of the pancreas causing damage, pain and _____. Alcohol contributes to this blockage. A person can not ____ without a pancreas.

8  The liver is the largest _________ organ in the body. You can not live without a liver.  It regulates many ________ reactions in the body.  The liver makes substances to aid in blood ___________ It produces bile and bile salts for _________.  It is responsible for the _______ of fats and proteins in the body.  The liver __________ toxins in the blood.

9  Notice the texture of the surface of the liver  The small holes are bile ducts going to the stomach.  Alcohol is a _______ to the body and must be broken down by the liver.  About _____ is broken down in one hour by the average adult liver.  Over time ________ amounts of alcohol can cause damage so it can no longer remove the alcohol the way it should.

10  Acute Alcoholic Hepatitis  is cause by ______ misuse  and abuse.  The liver is stained a ____________ from the build up of bile in the liver.  This is caused yellow _______ – the eyes, skin and nails turn yellowish.  The abdomen becomes swollen and the liver can not _______ the blood as it should causing death.

11  Alcohol is extremely _________. You can see the difference in the size and color of the liver.  This liver has fat deposits thorough out the liver tissue.  It will not function well and can led to _________.

12 Cirrhosis- A disease that replaces healthy liver tissue with ____ tissue. It is a __________ disease. There is no ___ once the damage has been done.. Symptoms of cirrhosis: – Exhaustion – Loss of ________ – Nausea weakness – Weight loss – Abdominal pain – And spider like blood vessels that appear on the skin Effects of related to cirrhosis – Liver ______ – Problems in other organs – Itching – Jaundice (a yellowing of the skin and eyes that occurs when the liver doesn’t absorb enough bilirubin) – _____ and Ascites ( When the liver loses its ability to make the protein, water accumulates in the legs and abdomen.) – Diabetes

13  Liver with Cirrhosis  Normal liver

14  The ___ deposits turn into scare tissue. Slowly there a re fewer good cells to remove the toxins in the blood.  A person may take ______ to sober up or will react more to ______ amounts of alcohol.

15  If the liver does not function correctly the _____ from the liver can back up into the esophagus causing pressure. This pressure causes the _____ to become distended and function poorly. They can break open causing ________ bleeding and death.

16  Repeated prolonged vomiting from alcohol abuse can cause the linings in the esophagus to rupture.  Vomiting is one the bodies _________ _______ ____ used to rid the body of toxins. The person will continue to vomit after there is nothing left in the stomach because this is one of the ways the body get rid of the toxins in the blood.  The acids from the stomach can also erode the ______ on the teeth.

17  The heart can become __________ and weakened by alcohol misuse and abuse.  This heart functioned poorly causing _________ _____ ______ and death.  Small amounts of alcohol can be ____ for the heart circulatory system.

18  The _____ in the cerebellum can be damaged by excessive alcohol.  The cells begin to ______ _____ causing a permanent loss of coordination, poor speech and possible death.  Look how the cells have wither away in this slide.

19  Alcohol poisoning is caused by drinking to much in to short of a time.  Signs of alcohol poisoning  Continuously _______ ___  And loss of consciousness (not knowing what happened the night before)  What to do if your with some one who might have drank to much If you suspect one of your friends has drank to much and they have passed out, you should call an ambulance or their parent and if there is no one around to pick them up you should turn the victim over on their ____ so they can’t choke and die on their own _______ __.

20  __________ - A disease that causes a person to loose control of his or her drinking behavior  The 4 stages of alcoholism: 1. Drinking _______- Person begins to drink more often at ______________ times 2. __________ Drinker needs more alcohol to get him/her to feel drunk. Tries to hide that he/she drinks so much and starts dinking instead of being with family, friends or going to work. 3. __________- Drinkers body starts to depend on alcohol to ________ _______. Without alcohol the drinker becomes sweaty, depressed, paranoid and gets anxiety and nausea. 4. Alcoholism- Drinker has completely lost control of his drinking habits. The drinker starts to put drinking before any thing else, starts to substitute alcohol for food which causes ___________.

21  The _______ you start drinking the more of a chance you have to become an alcoholic. Often Teenagers get peer pressured into drinking and they don’t realize the long term effect it can have on their body.  Also if you have a family member who is an alcoholic (___ of adults have lived with an alcoholic growing up ) statistics show that you have a greater risk of having an alcohol problem then someone with out an alcoholic relative.

22  F.A.S.- A set of physical and mental _______ to the fetus that is caused by a mother drinking while she is pregnant.  Physical symptoms of F.A.S. are the fetus will have a small head/body, __________ facial characteristics.  Mental symptoms are brain damage, _________ disorders, attention deficits such as ADD ADHD or OCD, heart defects, and sight/hearing problems.  Statistics-  FAS is the leading cause of ______ ____________ in western civilization.  Around 2 out of 1,000 babies are born with FAS.  In western civilization more American babies are born with FAS then the amount of babies with down Syndrome, MD, and HIV combined


24  If you or someone you know has a drinking problem, don’t just forget about it, there are ways to get help. There are many programs and rehabs that you can sign up for, such as A.A. (alcoholics anonymous). A.A. Is the most common program used to help people with an alcohol problem. It is a 12 step program that is bound to work.

25   s/cirrhosis/#causes  / Google image

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