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Buruli Ulcer Stephen Shenigo. What do you know?

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1 Buruli Ulcer Stephen Shenigo

2 What do you know?

3 Buruli Ulcer was first Identified in 1897 by Sir Albert Cook XFIRST_=7&_IX real=true&_IXbox=28636&_IXSPFX_=templates%2Ft&_IXFPFX_=template s%2Ft

4 It was described in detail in 1948 by Peter MacCallum

5 Mycobacterium ulcerans was identified in 1948 by Peter MacCallum

6 Today the disease has been identified in 33 countries

7 About half of the worldwide cases are in people under 15 <15 years Mean Med. Range Africa 48% –90 Australia 10% –96 Japan 19% –81

8 The disease starts as painless swelling on a particular area of the skin

9 If left untreated this can turn into a full skin ulcer within 4 weeks

10 The disease itself does not necessarily kill people itself, but it does cause deformities

11 The way the disease is transmitted is still up for debate.

12 How does the disease work?

13 Mycobacterium ulcerans emits mycolactone which destroys body tissues

14 Buruli Ulcer is diagnosed using IS2404 PCR strengthen-pandemic-safety-scientific-possibilities

15 Treatment of Buruli Ulcer can be approached two different ways, using antibiotics or surgery

16 There is not yet a specific vaccine for Buruli Ulcer austism-research-now-in-question/

17 HIV coinfection and paradoxical reaction can further complicate the disease.

18 The WHO along with several local organizations are coming together to start to try to fight this disease

19 Works Cited "Buruli Ulcer." World Health Organization. WHO, n.d. Web. 19 Nov Hoover, Aaron Z.. "Buruli Ulcer." Medscape Reference. Medscape, Web. 19 Nov

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