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Somdejprapinklao Hospital

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1 Somdejprapinklao Hospital
Systemic hyperbaric oxygen accelerates the healing rate of diabetic Foot ulcers. Anucha Likitvong, Savit umpornarekun, Noraseth Aeonorasad, Sirirat kunajak Department of surgery and Department of under water Medicine Somdejprapinklao Hospital.

2 Background Patients with diabetes are at risk for foot ulcers. Diabetic foot ulcer Causes long-term admission of the patients. In addition to Standard multidisciplinary management, Hyperbaric oxygen is to be studied for its effectiveness.

3 Purpose To study the effect hyperbaric oxygen therapy on
the healing of diabetic foot ulcers.

4 Methods From 2002-2004,54 patients
Wagner grades I-III foot ulcers were studied Separated the patient in two to groups - Standard treatment, standard treatment with hyperbaric oxygen therapy hyperbaric oxygen was applied twice a day, 5 days a week. Session lasted 90 min at 2.5 ATA. The main parameter studied was size of ulcer (Ulcer surface area) It was evaluated at 2 week,4 week.

5 Study protocol Separated the patient in two to groups.
From 2002 – 2004 , Wagner grade 1-3. Group I Group II - standard treatment. standard treatment with Hyperbaric oxygen. standard treatment - Dressing wound - Board spectrum Antibiotic - Debridement Hyperbaric oxygen - 5 days a week - Session lasted 90 min at 2.5 ATA.

6 Result: - The size of ulcers in hyperbaric oxygen groups ,
Comparing to control groups was not significantly different ( P > ) - The size of ulcer in hyperbaric oxygen group decreased significantly ( P < 0.05 )

7 Weekly mean ulcers area of the initial baseline pretreatment ulcer area for control and Hyperbaric oxygen Ulcers surface area Number weeks post-op

8 Conclusion : Hyperbaric oxygen therapy does not effect the
healing rate of Diabetic foot ulcer.

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