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Psychological Stress and your Gastro-intestinal system.

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1 Psychological Stress and your Gastro-intestinal system

2 Stress and Digestion DIGESTION - Secretion of saliva - Stomach - muscles contract - secretion of hydrochloric acid (HCl)and enzymes - mucus membrane protects stomach - Small intestine 1. Peristalsis (directional contraction) 2. Addition of water - Large intestine - water re-absorption into blood Key point Huge amounts of energy are required

3 Along Comes Psychological Stress Digestive process stops Conserve energy - no saliva dry mouth - no stomach contractions - no HCl or enzyme secretion - no peristalsis - no water re-absorption Blood flow to stomach decreases - patient named Tom – 1940s Sympathetic nervous system activation

4 Ulcer – A hole in the wall of an organ Historically, stress believed to induce GI ulcers 1983 – the Helicobactor pylori bacteria discovered - infects cells of the stomach lining - infected cells no longer immune to HCl - HCl destroys cells hole in stomach wall Result: A shift away from stress contribution to ulcers But: 15 % of people with ulcers aren’t infected with Helicobactor pylori

5 But: Only 10% of those infected with Helicobactor pylori get ulcers Another factor must be involved Stress

6 Modern Theory: There is a role for stress and bacteria in ulcer formation

7 Stress-induced Ulcer Formation Acid Rebound - Digestion HCl secreted - Along comes chronic stress 1. Digestion is inhibited 2. No HCl secretion leading to: - undersecretion of mucus coating

8 Ulcer Mechanism-cont. End of stress period 1. Eat that piece of chocolate cake HCl secreted 2. Stomach defenses for HCl are down (less mucus secreted) 3. HCl damages stomach wall RESULT: Ulcers formed during recovery from stress

9 Ulcer Mechanism-cont. Stress-induced decrease in stomach blood flow - lack of oxygen kill cells ulcers - Less blood to flush away HCl - HCl can attack cells of stomach wall ulcers

10 Stress Bowels in an Uproar!! sympathetic nervous system activation stimulates muscular contractions in large intestine moves feces along faster - Why?

11 move feces along faster no time for water re-absorption Diarrhea!!

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