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Working Together to Achieve Excellence in Wound Management.

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1 Working Together to Achieve Excellence in Wound Management

2 Cedarvale Terrace 218 bed Long Term Care Home nestled in the heart of Forest Hill Managed by Responsive Health Management Inc. Certified with the Kashruth Council of Canada Interdisciplinary approach to all aspects of resident care

3 Pressure ulcers are… Painful for the resident Can result in depression Time consuming to care for Costly

4 What is WoundRounds?

5 Why did we choose WoundRounds? Innovative system that provides the ability to conduct thorough and accurate wound assessments at the bedside The system provides multiple reports to monitor trends and analyze healing of wounds using PUSH scores User friendly program

6 Implementation of WoundRounds 3 day on-site training session for Registered staff o Consent obtained for photography o Classroom session o Supervised bedside assessments o Train the trainer model with follow up training materials left on site Comprehensive training of Report generation and utilization to Registered and Administrative staff Reports provided valuable information at the Home and corporate level

7 How Cedarvale Terrace uses WoundRounds Individual assessments are completed weekly by nursing and uploaded into the resident’s medical record Weekly reports are reviewed at the unit level to review wound status and highlight areas for improvement Reports reviewed at various levels within the Home and organization Interdisciplinary Skin and Wound Assessment and Treatment team (S.W.A.T.) was implemented

8 Benefits of WoundRounds Real time photographs of all wound types Standardized comprehensive wound assessment format Report capabilities include: o Drill down reports o Wound activity& exception reports o Corporate wound report o PUSH score trending Online WoundRounds University Opportunities for education Support Team available (via phone or email)

9 Our CIHI statistics Indicator CategoryIndicator 2012 Q3 2012 Q4 2013 Q1 2013 Q2 2013 Q3 Ontario 2013 Q3 SafetyHas a stage 2 to 4 pressure ulcer8.20%8.60%8.00%8.70%7.50%6.50% SafetyWorsened stage 2 to 4 pressure ulcer2.80%2.90% 3.80%3.00%2.90% SafetyHas a new stage 2 to 4 pressure ulcer2.20%2.50%2.30%3.00%2.20%2.60%

10 Displayed by Percentage of Wounds Displayed by Numbers Drill down August 01, 2013 - May 29, 2014

11 498 total number impaired skin integrity (Pressure, vascular, skin tears, surgical, etc. ) ◦Healing rate of 73% Drill down August 01, 2013 - May 29, 2014

12 PUSH score Pressure Ulcer Scale of Healing (PUSH score) o Ranges from 0-17 o Includes several variables (Length X Width, Exudate amount, Tissue Type :slough, necrotic tissue) o Monitors healing over time Of the 498 sites of all impaired skin integrity from August 2013 – present only 3% showed worsening PUSH scores

13 Pressure Ulcer Reports

14 Disclaimer Sample wound assessment ahead…

15 Wound Assessment

16 Staff Testimonials

17 Thank You Brie Munshaw:

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