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Experience of a Knowledge and Resource Exchange Event Dr Alison Porter-Armstrong Health & Rehabilitation Sciences Research Institute.

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1 Experience of a Knowledge and Resource Exchange Event Dr Alison Porter-Armstrong Health & Rehabilitation Sciences Research Institute

2 HRSRI Restructuring Restructuring post RAE 2008 5 Research Hubs: Neurorehabilitation for Health Diabetic Foot: infection, imaging, intervention Respiratory Care Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation Seating and Interface Pressure Care All share the aim of delivering high quality translational research and, in line with the REF2013, demonstrate the impact of the respective research activity on society.

3 How? Overarching Steering Group to HRSRI with key champions Steering/advisory groups within hub structures Research Dissemination Affiliates Visiting scholars high profile roles Linking research activities with postgraduate module pathways Exploiting knowledge transfer opportunities particularly given translational focus

4 Public Engagement lies at the heart of the success of all of these activities “An inclusive relationship between academic and non academic worlds” Specialist-non specialist transfer Beneficial exchange of knowledge and resources (Nat Coord Centre for PE & Carnegie Foundation)

5 HRSRI Steering Group A community of high profile experts, policy makers, funders and academics to help steer and advise the activities of the HRSRI Formal annual meeting, regular communications Ensure that research activities answer ‘hot topics’ and greatest impact on society

6 Steering groups within hubs Perceptible shift in focus Play prominent roles within each of 5 hubs (steering/advisory/networks) Common features: inclusion of service users; experts; therapists - ?grounded? Some include industrial representation (yields KT opportunities) Different mechanisms and frequency of engagement

7 Research Dissemination Affiliates A beneficial role for teaching staff who potentially can become advocates of research outcomes while not actually carrying out new research themselves. This is seen as a mechanism for involving all School staff, to some extent, in the research of the School. In addition it will help to build a more collegiate approach to research and outreach activity. It is hoped that most of the teaching staff who have no other involvement in research can become RDAs and hence advocates for the RI Institute activity. Conference attendance, patient groups, therapy networks, placement visits, scholarly publications etc

8 Visiting Scholars Hubs have identified key international scholars to work with History of scholars to HRSRI Limited wider engagement past RI Test case: Prof C Lyder January 2010 Connected funding

9 Advances in Pressure Ulcer Classification and Care Knowledge Club Event 26 th January 115 delegates – wide range of society represented Co hosted with Belfast Trust TVN meeting Launch of steering group Positive feedback Repeat Prof S Sprigle 18 th May?

10 Linking research through postgraduate modules Most hubs deliver onto taught postgraduate pathway: Advancing Rehab for Respiratory Conditions Pressure Ulcer Prevention & Management Seating for Complex Disability The Bobath Concept in Neurorehabilitation Stroke Recovery and Care Vascular Disease and the Lower Limb

11 Knowledge Transfer Opportunities KTP James Leckey Design Limited First KTP in School of Health Sciences First KTP in UK to be awarded to OT First KTP Associate position to be held by an OT in UK

12 Since completion of the KTP the company has seen: Revenue increase by 80% from £4.4m to £8m Pre-tax profits increase over 300% from £245k to £1m An increase in clinical credibility demonstrated by access to new technical and clinical markets, for example, wheelchair services New clinically focused and evidence-based training and marketing materials which allow the Company to reach existing and new customer groups more effectively.

13 Engagement Opportunities Plentiful Used to develop an accredited series of training courses, branded ‘KnowHow’ run through Leckey Development of worldwide Case History Programme to illustrate evidence of effectiveness of equipment Website link to UU websites Development of Easi Seating System: Full European and American Design Rights Contemporary teaching materials: undergraduate & postgraduate levels Research Outputs: £143,000 grant income; 1 MClinRes student completion; 1 peer-reviewed full journal paper; 8 International conference presentations; 1 keynote speech. Ongoing relationship with Company: stakeholder in research group; CAST/PhD award outlines; undergraduate and postgraduate research projects.

14 Outcomes…. Won Best NI KTP (2009) Won Best UK KTP (2010) Nominated Business Impact [Achieved] PraxisUnico Award (June 2010) Nominated Newcomer of Year PraxisUnico Impact Award (June 2010)

15 Thank you for Listening!

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