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The Rise of Carbapenem Resistant Organisms

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1 The Rise of Carbapenem Resistant Organisms
RUSI/STFC workshop on Antimicrobial Resistance 6th February 2013 Professor Mike Sharland Professor of Paediatric Infectious Diseases St George’s, University of London Chair of the DH advisory committee on Antimicrobial Resistance and Healthcare Associated Infections (ARHAI)

2 Carbapenem Resistant Organisms (CRO’s)
Extremely Resistant Gram Negative Bacteria Complex names – KPC, NDM, VIM, OXA – enzymes and bacteria Rapid global Spread Resistant to last decent antibiotic class – carbapenems (meropenem) With inadequate treatment can become pan-resistant

3 CRO – Serious Adverse Outcomes
Mortality 20-40% - associated with: Extended Hospital Stay Esp ICU Exposure to Invasive Devices E.g. Ventilators, Central Venous Catheters Comorbidities assoc with Advanced Age E.g. immunosupression, cardiac disease, chronic airway disease – also premature

4 Worldwide Distribution of Klebsiella pneumoniae carbapenemase producers
Kumarasamy et al., Lancet Infect Dis :

5 Spread of NDM-Mediated Carbapenem Resistance
Johnson and Woodford J Med Micro 2013; doi: /jmm

6 Klebsiella pneumoniae: percentage of invasive isolates with resistance to carbapenems.
2010 2011

7 KPC-producing K. pneumoniae - Italian experience
early 2011 late 2012 late 2008 The first reported cases of KPC-Kp (ST258) ST258, ST512 (CC258) ST512 ST258 Fontana et al – BMC Res Notes 2010 Marchese et al – J Chemother 2010 Ambretti et al – New Microb 2010 Gaibani et al – Eurosurv 2011 Mezzatesta et al – CMI 2011 Agodi et al – JCM 2011 Richter et al – JCM 2011 Di Carlo et al – BMC Gastroenterol 2011 Rossolini GM – unpublished ST101 ST15 ST147-like AMCLI – CoSA CRE network Frasson et al – JCM 2012 ARISS-CoSA study – unpublished Giani et al – JCM 2009 Rossolini GM – unpublished

8 Carbapenen-resistant K. pneumoniae
AMCLI-CoSA – Italian National CRE Surveillance 2011

9 AMCLI-CoSA – Italian National CRE Surveillance 2011

10 Israel’s KPC Outbreak and Intensive IPC Intervention

11 Antimicrobial Resistance spread into and within the UK
CRO colonized residents or visitors Hospital treatment or travel overseas Non-human reservoirs: foodstuffs (domestic or imported) Medical Tourism Elective & cosmetic Non-human reservoirs: animals and environment Military and civilian casualties from conflict zones Community Carriage? Inter-hospital transfers (UK)

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