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H ARMONY O F L IFE Food Degradation --> Version 0.9 - by Arun Prabhakar Listen with Speakers.

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2 H ARMONY O F L IFE Food Degradation --> Version 0.9 - by Arun Prabhakar Listen with Speakers

3 What do we Eat Today? What we eat today is much different than what our ancestors, or even our grandparents ate. Since last few decades, many altercations have been made to our food supplies. This is the due to the result of usage of numerous additives and pesticides used in the food products available today, and also due to genetic modifications.

4 What is Food Degradation? The presence of toxic chemicals (elements or compounds) and/or biological contaminants in food (which are actually not present in natural food).

5 How Food gets Degraded? The causes of Food Degradation are varied: Growing of food in polluted soils or in areas with polluted ground water. Irrigation of grown food with polluted water. Agricultural application of sewage sludge and/or polluted fertilizers. Food processing, packaging, and handling.

6 Other Causes Sometimes, the usage of certain chemical additives in Food may also make it unsafe for consumption.  Food Colors  Preservatives  Anti Oxidants  Emulsifying Agents  Thickening Agents  Gelling Agents  Stabilizers While some of them are quite safe, like vitamin C added to prevent oxidation, some others have been found to promote food allergies.

7 What are the Effects of Food Degradation? Some common effects of Food Degradation are shown below:

8 Growing Concept of Organic Food Organic food does not necessarily mean unpolluted Food! It simply means that one type of Food Degradation source (i.e. pesticides/insecticides) is eliminated by growing the food organically.

9 Beware! It’s Food Degradation, Not Evolution! It is necessary to safeguard ourselves from all health hazards caused by Food Degradation.  Wash all fruits/vegetables thoroughly before cutting/consuming.  Eat fully cooked/boiled food (this will help reduce the effect of pesticide/insecticide used in growing the food product).  Avoid packaged/preserved food as much as possible.  Avoid artificially colored/flavored food.

10 It’s our Duty to Prevent Food Degradation The contribution of every individual against Food Degradation will have a global effect.

11 Our PPTs Cleanliness.ppt Garbage.ppt Food Degradation.ppt Water Contamination.ppt Air Pollution.ppt Environment.ppt [Global Warming, Sound Pollution, Device/Wave Hazards] Health Quality.ppt Yoga.ppt Nature Cure.ppt Organic Farming.ppt Safety.ppt Security.ppt Sensitive Issues.ppt Government & Corruption.ppt Alcohol & Drugs.ppt Crime.ppt Political Poison.ppt Reservations Altercation.ppt Law & Order Denigration.ppt Strikes/Riots.ppt Relationships Destruction.ppt Cultures Disruption.ppt Religions Distortion.ppt The above PPTs will shortly be available on our Website. [ - under construction]

12 Present Need of the Hour 1. Arise2. Awake 3. Attend4. Act SPREAD THE WORD

13 [Logon to http://www.harmonyoflife. - under construction]http://www Join the HOL Human Chain for Human Necessity and Peaceful Life HOL: An NGO dedicated to development of lives - initiated by IT Professionals [Currently operating in Bangalore and planning to scatter to other locations] Thank You! And Hearty Welcome to HOL! What Next? Let’s Save the World!

14 Food Degradation Research/Technical Content

15 Line 1 Line 2 Line 3 Research/Technical Content 1 Under Construction:

16 Line 1 Line 2 Line 3 Research/Technical Content 2 Under Construction:

17 Line 1 Line 2 Line 3 Research/Technical Content 3 Under Construction:

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