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Gardens With Purpose Welcome Joanne Ng

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1 Gardens With Purpose Welcome Joanne Ng


3 Yes, You CAN ! ! !



6 Where to Buy World Farm : for all your Gardening Needs, cheap and lots to choose from or Alfred Hydroponic Stuff : Sponge & Nutrients (Ai Ling) Both are at Bah Soon Pah Road (along Sembawang Road, near Khatib)

7 What is the Secret to Green Fingers ?
3 Tips to The magic touch ______________

8 Why Gardening ? Your Reasons

9 Our Gardening Prog for Schools
Vegetables or Orchids 4-Lesson which incorporate Care, Character & 21st C Skills 2-hour Easy Start Pot-Of Hope $8-$18 per student Gardening Starter Kits : $8, $18, $28 For teachers to teach their students

10 Why Home Gardening ? Survey : Happiest People Nature Therapy
Grounded : Good Lessons about Growth Family Bond Important Life Lessons : Care, Responsibility, Protect, Observation, Environment, Delay Gratification (Patience)

11 Why Gardening ? Green Economy



14 Video-1 Home-Grown Revolution What do you like in this video-clip ?

15 Why Vegetables ? Familiar Useful - can eat
Healthy - Nature’s Best Food Beautiful What is Organic, WHY ? Staying away from Pesticides & Chemical Fertilizers

16 Healthy Vegetables rich in Beta Carotene ? Mostly Red & Yellow.
Sweet Potatoes Red Carrot Cauliflower Cabbage Broccoli Spinach Healthy Vegetables rich in Beta Carotene ? Mostly Red & Yellow.

17 Cauliflower Cabbage Broccoli Tumeric, Bittergourd Cucumbers Turnips, Aloe Vera Cruciferous Vegetables Detox, Anti-Inflammation, Cancer-Prevention, etc

18 How to Start ? Some Vegetables do not have Seeds
Sweet Potato Yam Ginger Beet Root How to Start ? Some Vegetables do not have Seeds

19 Where to Get your Seeds ? Farmers Seed Wholesalers
online Seed Retailers NTUC, Cold Storage Garden Nursery

20 Eat the Fruits and Keep the Seeds
Lime & Lemons Pumpkins Tomatoes Avocado Papaya Where to Get your Seeds ?



23 Pumpkin Seeds

24 Tomato Seeds

25 Grow them yourself Ladies Fingers Cucumber Turnip Radish Where to Get your Seeds ?

26 Ladies Fingers

27 What is the other name for Ladies Fingers

28 a Cucumber Plant

29 Seeds are IMPERFECT Seeds must be kept cool & dry
Not all SEEDS will germinate No 2 Seeds are Identical Lifespan of seeds Seeds are IMPERFECT

30 Requirement for Germination
Fresh Water Oxygen Temperature ____________________________ Darkness or Light (Lettuce) Special Requirement to break Dormancy Secret : NO Fertilizers

31 Video 2 Germination How to Grow Wheatgrass Wheat Grass Sprouting

32 Young Plants – Easy Transplant

33 Total System (the Environment)
Sunlight % for most vegetables Air Water Nutrients Support Space Avoid Rain Strong Winds Insects Node

34 Sunlight for Vegetables
Good Sunlight (50-100%) Using Nets Artificial Light : 98% Blue Light & 2% Red Light

35 Watering (Like Raining)
Plants take water from Roots & Leaves When to Water : evening & early morning How to Water ? ? ? Never Splash Water on the Plants during HOT SUN, check tap water before spraying (HOT HOT) Remove Chlorine in Water

36 Soil or Soil-Less

37 Soil Preparation Loose Soil for aeration Cool & Dark
Before you can plant, soil preparation is a must. Dig the soil to a depth of at least 6-10 inches. Add a two to four inch layer of organic matter and incorporate it into the soil. Organic matter will improve your soil structure and will add nutrients to the soil.

38 Pots for Planting Holes for drainage Deep Ventilation
Propagation (Ti Wan Miao) Holes for drainage Deep Ventilation your opinion of those “self-watering pots”

39 Fertilizers About Organic Fertilizers (Dirt Farming)
InOrganic Fertilizers Overdose of Fertilizers kills Plants

40 Plant Nutrition Primary Nutrients Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen
Macro Nutrients Nitrogen - Leaves Phosphorous - Roots Potassium - Flowers Secondary Nutrients – Cell Wall Calcium, Mg, Sulphate Micro Nutrients - Trace Element Enzyme Systems for Bacteria : Zinc, Iron, Cu, Sodium

41 Cucumber Plantation Why Rows of Raise Beds ?

42 Cucumber Plantation Why Rows of Raise Beds ?
Drainage, Drainage, Drainage Cooling Max Land Space Bigger SunLight Surface Area, Walking Easy Harvesting Neat Rows

43 Propagation Air Water Nutrients New Node

44 Propagation

45 Diseases For Vegetables, don’t use Insecticides & Fungicides
Use Nets : Green House Pests, Rain & Wind Neem Oil or other repellents Video-3 : Neem Benefits Use Natural Home-made Pesticides (See Notes)

46 Pesticides Pesticide for Human : DEET Video : Toxic DEET

47 Ingredients used in some Organic Pesticides
Dish Soap Oil Garlic Chilly Repellent Plants Neem Oil

48 Plant Nutrition – Hydroponic Methods
Solution A & B 1 part to 100 parts Change water every 3-5 Days

49 Any Containers Allows Water & Air Flow PVC - non-LEAD, white
Air-Cond Duct - NO Dark - non-transparent

50 Farm Visit : The Environment
Sunlight 50% Avoid Rain Strong Winds Insects Air Water Nutrients Support Node

51 Hydroponic Systems 4. Passive System
Capillary Action


53 Hydroponic Systems 4. Passive System

54 Hydroponic Systems Nutrient Film Technology

55 Hydroponic Systems 1. Drip System
Soil- Less

56 Hydroponic Systems 2. Nutrient Film Technique

57 Hydroponic Systems 3. Flood & Drain System

58 Commercial Hydroponic Systems

59 Commercial Hydroponic Systems Video 3 : Growing Lettuce Commercially

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