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Calculating Diversity Using the Shannon-Weiner Index

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1 Calculating Diversity Using the Shannon-Weiner Index
Counting Cars Lab Calculating Diversity Using the Shannon-Weiner Index

2 Learning Objectives for this Lesson
Learning Goals for the Diversity Unit Minds ON clip: Carl Sagan Yesterday’s Recap Calculating Diversity: Shannon Index Counting Cars Lab: instructions and lab safety Conclusion: wrap up

3 Learning Goals for Biodiversity Unit
We are / will be learning to… Analyse the risks and benefits of human intervention (e.g. pesticide use, fish stocking, tree planting, etc.) Analyse how climate change could impact the diversity of living things (e.g. Global warming, increase in precipitation) Become familiar with terms such as: species diversity, structural diversity, bacteria, fungi, binomial nomenclature, morphology Classify, apply, and draw dichotomous keys to identify and classify organisms according to kingdom Explain concepts of taxonomic rank such as genus, species and taxon Compare/contrast characteristics of prokaryotes, eukaryotes and viruses Compare/contrast anatomical and physiological characteristics of organisms representative of each kingdom Explain structural and functional changes of organisms as they have evolved over time Explain why biodiversity is important for maintaining viable ecosystems

4 MINDS ON! Carl Sagan’s “Pale Blue Dot”

5 A Quick Recap From Yesterday…
Biodiversity: The variety and number of a species in an ecosystem. It can refer to the variation between individuals within a species. Biodiversity within an ecosystem can be affected by a number of factors (e.g. invasive species, resource abundance, competition between species and within a species, reproduction, disease, etc.) Resources: Biology 11, Addison-Wesley, Toronto 2002.

6 Calculating Diversity: The Shannon Index
Biodiversity (species diversity) can be measured using the Shannon Index. Shannon Index P𝑖= 𝑛𝑖 𝑁 H`= 𝑖=1 𝑆 𝑝𝑖( ln 𝑝𝑖 ) (Equation 1) (Equation 2) Number of individuals of species “i” Total number of species You will need a scientific calculator for this. Number of species Relative abundance of species

7 Counting Cars Lab This lab involves going outside to count cars, determine the diversity of the types and numbers of different vehicle makes (NOT models)and to calculate the diversity found. You will be asked to predict, hypothesize, calculate, and communicate those results. Please note: This is not a formal lab write up; however, it will be marked. Be sure to: 1. complete the pre-lab questions, 2. fill in the tables, 3. complete the calculations to determine the diversity and 4. answer the questions in full sentences.

8 LAB SAFETY We will be going outside, so please remember safety:
Do not leave the grounds of the school Stay within the group you have been assigned Use extreme caution in the parking lot when moving around vehicles and be watchful for vehicles moving. Use common sense: wear a coat! If in doubt about anything, ask us!


10 Wrap Up! Exit Card: Imagine that a new insecticide has been used in a garden that has mistakenly killed many of the bees that are able to visit this garden. What are some of the implications that this could have on the diversity of plants living in the garden? Explain.

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