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Composition of Municipal Waste

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1 Composition of Municipal Waste
It must be noted that the Department does not encourage or participate in the burning of solid waste. Albeit there maybe fires at the landfill from time to time. Presented by: Miss Alarice Fenton Assistant Statistician Statistics Department Montserrat Ministry of Finance & Economic Management

2 Definition Municipal waste commonly known as trash, garbage, refuse or rubbish is a waste type consisting of everyday items that are discarded by the public. COMPOSITION Biodegradable waste: food and kitchen waste Recycle materials: paper, glass, bottles, cans, metals, certain plastics, fabrics, clothes, batteries etc] Inert waste: Construction and demolition waste, dirt, rocks, debris. Composite wastes: waste clothing, waste plastics such as toys Hazardous waste including most paints, chemicals, light bulbs, fluorescent tubes, spray cans, fertilizer and containers Toxic waste including pesticide, herbicides, fungicides Medical waste In montserrat we do not sort our garbage – no recycling is done Persons especially those who do back yard gardening make composts.

3 Data Sources/Method of Computation
The Environmental Health Department is not in a position to determine the total volume of waste entering the landfill per year. However a waste characterization study was conducted in 2010.

4 Method of Data Collection
The objective of the study were to examine the composition and quantity of solid waste disposed at the new windward landfill site. To identify opportunities for waste material recovery. This took place over a two week period except on Sundays. Wastes were categorized in the following

5 Method of Data Collection Ctd
Solid Waste Material Classes and Categories MATERIAL CLASS MATERIAL CATEGORY Compostable Organics Recyclable Glass Aluminum Cans Paper Plastic Textiles Metals The different waste were then sorted as per above categories and weighed.

6 Availability of Data No time series
Data only collected from waste characterization study.

7 Data Gaps The Department is now on a sensitizing mission in the advancement of data collection for the environmental statistics and indicators.

8 Recommendations and Area of Improvement/Way forward
Continue to liaise with the department and concretize the activities of all stakeholders

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