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Certification & Licensing Update

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1 Certification & Licensing Update
Tennessee Department of Agriculture Kathy Booker, Pesticides Administrator

2 Who needs to be certified?
Those individuals working under a licensee and performing pest control services. Those individuals that use, buy, sell or supervise the use of restricted use pesticides.

3 Who needs to be certified?
Those individuals using restricted use pesticides for the purposes of producing an agricultural commodity on their own property or that of your employer. They are called Private Applicators.

4 Certification Categories
C01 – Agricultural Plant C01 (b) Agricultural Animal C02 – Forest Pest Control C03 – Ornamental & Turf C04 – Seed Treatment C05 – Aquatic Pest Control

5 Certification Categories
C06 – Right of Way Pest Control C07 – Industrial, Institutional, Structural & Health Related Pest Control C08 – Public Health Pest Control C10 – Demonstration and Research & Regulatory Pest Control. C11 – Wood Preservatives

6 Certification Categories
C12 – Pesticide Dealer C13 – Antifouling Marine Paint C14 – Microbial Pest Control C15 – Worker Protection Trainer (WPS) C16 – Sewer Line Treatment

7 Certification Exams What are the qualifications?
Order the study material from the University of TN (Knoxville). Submit the Commercial Certification Exam Application with fee when you are ready to take the exam.

8 POINT SYSTEM Points required per category:
30 points for categories 7, 12 18 points for categories 1,3,6,8,10 12 points for categories 2,4,5 9 points for categories 11,13,14,16 All Commercial & Private Applicator certifications will expire on October 21,2005.

9 POINT SYSTEM All points cannot be accrued in one (1) year.
If the required number of points are not accrued within a re-certification year (Oct. 21 to Oct. 21) a re-certification exam will be required the third (3) year.

10 POINT SYSTEM In-house points will be limited to 50%
of your total point requirement. All training must be submitted to the office no later than 45 days prior to the date of the training session.

11 TRAINING Internal training is provided by and employee within your organization at your location. External training is provided by someone outside of your organization, which may or may not be at your location.

12 POINT SYSTEM Topics approved for re-certification points:
Pests, Pest Control, Pesticides, Pesticide Safety, IPM, WPS, Pesticide Laws and Regulations and Environmental Issues.

13 Certification Exam Fees
The cost of each certification exam or re-certification exam is $15.00. You may pay by check, money order, mastercard or visa.

14 Exam Sites for Certification
Davidson County Decatur County Fentress County Franklin County Hamilton County Knox County Lawrence County Lincoln County Madison County Maury County McMinn County Montgomery County Rutherford County Shelby County Warren County Washington County White County

15 License Exam Categories
AGE – Agricultural Ground Equipment AQW – Aquatic Weed Control BDC – Bird Control FUM – Fumigation FUS – Fumigation Soil GRC – General Pest and Rodent Control

16 License Exam Categories
HLT – Horticultural, Lawn and Turf HRI – Horticultural Interior WDO – Wood Destroying Organisms WEC – Weed Right of Way PCC – Pest Control Consultant PHC – Public Health Mosquito Control

17 License Exam Information
How do I qualify to take the license exams? 2 years of verifiable work experience under a licensee in the category you are applying for. BS degree or its equivalent with a major or minor in a related field (such as Biology, Entomology, Plant Pathology, Chemistry, Agriculture, etc.

18 License Exam Information
A license from another state similar to the one you are applying for in TN.

19 License Exam Information
The cost of each license exam is $ per category. You may pay by check, money order, mastercard or visa. AGE and HLT are approved by the Pest Control Board, if qualifications are not met.

20 License Exam Dates January 11-12, 2005 April 12-13, 2005
July 12-13, 2005 October 4-5, 2005 All applications are due the 10th of the month preceding the exam. The application due date is not the date of your exam. Read your confirmation letter for your exam date.

21 Website Addresses
Click on Ag Inputs & Pesticides; click on Downloadable forms for Certification and License Exam applications. To check point status click on Online Pesticide Systems and Commercial Applicators.

22 Website Addresses
To download the Order Form for Study Material Or call at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville.

23 TDA Contacts Mary Borthick – (615) 837-5310
Certification & Licensing Supervisor Schools, Points, License Exam approval Gerry “Bud” Mires – (615) Certification Testing & Scheduling Points, Schools Zena Clardy – (615)

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