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Certification & Licensing Update Tennessee Department of Agriculture Kathy Booker, Pesticides Administrator.

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1 Certification & Licensing Update Tennessee Department of Agriculture Kathy Booker, Pesticides Administrator

2 Who needs to be certified?  Those individuals working under a licensee and performing pest control services.  Those individuals that use, buy, sell or supervise the use of restricted use pesticides.

3 Who needs to be certified?  Those individuals using restricted use pesticides for the purposes of producing an agricultural commodity on their own property or that of your employer.  They are called Private Applicators.

4 Certification Categories  C01 – Agricultural Plant  C01 (b) Agricultural Animal  C02 – Forest Pest Control  C03 – Ornamental & Turf  C04 – Seed Treatment  C05 – Aquatic Pest Control

5 Certification Categories  C06 – Right of Way Pest Control  C07 – Industrial, Institutional, Structural & Health Related Pest Control  C08 – Public Health Pest Control  C10 – Demonstration and Research & Regulatory Pest Control.  C11 – Wood Preservatives

6 Certification Categories  C12 – Pesticide Dealer  C13 – Antifouling Marine Paint  C14 – Microbial Pest Control  C15 – Worker Protection Trainer (WPS)  C16 – Sewer Line Treatment

7 Certification Exams  What are the qualifications? Order the study material from the University of TN (Knoxville). Submit the Commercial Certification Exam Application with fee when you are ready to take the exam.

8 POINT SYSTEM  Points required per category: 30 points for categories 7, points for categories 1,3,6,8,10 12 points for categories 2,4,5 9 points for categories 11,13,14,16 All Commercial & Private Applicator certifications will expire on October 21,2005.

9 POINT SYSTEM  All points cannot be accrued in one (1) year. If the required number of points are not accrued within a re-certification year (Oct. 21 to Oct. 21) a re-certification exam will be required the third (3) year.

10 POINT SYSTEM  In-house points will be limited to 50% of your total point requirement.  All training must be submitted to the office no later than 45 days prior to the date of the training session.

11 TRAINING  Internal training is provided by and employee within your organization at your location.  External training is provided by someone outside of your organization, which may or may not be at your location.

12 POINT SYSTEM  Topics approved for re-certification points: Pests, Pest Control, Pesticides, Pesticide Safety, IPM, WPS, Pesticide Laws and Regulations and Environmental Issues.

13 Certification Exam Fees  The cost of each certification exam or re-certification exam is $  You may pay by check, money order, mastercard or visa.

14 Exam Sites for Certification  Davidson CountyDecatur County  Fentress CountyFranklin County  Hamilton CountyKnox County  Lawrence County Lincoln County  Madison CountyMaury County  McMinn CountyMontgomery County  Rutherford CountyShelby County  Warren CountyWashington County  White County

15 License Exam Categories  AGE – Agricultural Ground Equipment  AQW – Aquatic Weed Control  BDC – Bird Control  FUM – Fumigation  FUS – Fumigation Soil  GRC – General Pest and Rodent Control

16 License Exam Categories  HLT – Horticultural, Lawn and Turf  HRI – Horticultural Interior  WDO – Wood Destroying Organisms  WEC – Weed Right of Way  PCC – Pest Control Consultant  PHC – Public Health Mosquito Control

17 License Exam Information  How do I qualify to take the license exams? 2 years of verifiable work experience under a licensee in the category you are applying for. BS degree or its equivalent with a major or minor in a related field (such as Biology, Entomology, Plant Pathology, Chemistry, Agriculture, etc.

18 License Exam Information  A license from another state similar to the one you are applying for in TN.

19 License Exam Information  The cost of each license exam is $ per category. You may pay by check, money order, mastercard or visa.  AGE and HLT are approved by the Pest Control Board, if qualifications are not met.

20 License Exam Dates  January 11-12, 2005  April 12-13, 2005  July 12-13, 2005  October 4-5, 2005 All applications are due the 10 th of the month preceding the exam.

21 Website Addresses  Click on Ag Inputs & Pesticides; click on Downloadable forms for Certification and License Exam applications. To check point status click on Online Pesticide Systems and Commercial Applicators.

22 Website Addresses  To download the Order Form for Study Material Or call at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville.

23 TDA Contacts  Mary Borthick – (615) Certification & Licensing Supervisor Schools, Points, License Exam approval  Gerry “Bud” Mires – (615) Certification Testing & Scheduling Points, Schools  Zena Clardy – (615) Certification Testing & Scheduling Points, Schools

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