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Keys to managing a successful distributed team The Ricaris experience.

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1 Keys to managing a successful distributed team The Ricaris experience

2 What problems do distributed teams have? Poor recruitment Lack of communication Disconnection from the team Lack of trust No sense of duty No binding culture Loneliness Boredom Unmotivated leaders and team members

3 Wait!

4 Ricaris: 100% distributed team 25 countries Working around the clock

5 HR in numbers Turnover rate 5% average. 67% of current team members and team leaders have been in the company for 5 years. We have meet in person only 7 out of 228 employees. Team travel budget in 6 years: 480€ total. How do we do it?

6 1-Recruiting Not everybody can work remotely. – Be autonomous by nature – Have a certain degree of self-motivation – Be a good communicator, at least in writing – Share or relate to the company’s mission and vision Set clear expectations

7 2-Company Culture

8 2- IMPLEMENT Company Culture in a Distributed Team 1.New hire tunnel: 1.“Good vibes” handbook: 1.Clear expectations 2.Ground rules 3.Break paradigms - multicultural team 2.We care. Speed courses: 1.Assertive communication, email communication,… 2.Ergonomics and stretching 3.Specific skills 2.All procedures must be very well documented 3.Daily mentoring during the first 2 weeks

9 2-How we KEEP Company Culture Repetition with creativity Team Leaders set example: – Close accompaniment – Assertive feedback Always act consequently: – Communication and actions from the heart Help unmatched employees find a way out

10 3-Keeping Team Leaders motivated Monthly Congress (4h): 1.Fun ice-breaker or personal info sharing 2.Into the circle: share relevant company information 3.Course or development activity 4.Fun activity Weekly report and feedback Show warmth Real accompaniment and support Identification with company values

11 3-Keep Team Members motivated Knowledge of the team and their aspirations. Active listening Real meritocracy and empowerment Weekly feedback Monthy Team Get Togethers (2h): – Feel accompanied, sense of belonging – Find solutions together, creates bonding Involve team in improvements Repeat why each person’s work is important Involve team in goal settings

12 3-How to work on trust Your goal as a manager: trust Team members need to know each other: – Monthly get together – Do personality tests + games – Get to know each other’s skills – Get personal

13 Motivation killer: Beating loneliness Use video ALWAYS Make communication warm Weekly feedback Promote Virtual water coolers Team Get together Private Social media Pay for co-working spaces Promote and pay for city/regional face-to-face meetings Do activities to increase identification with company and team

14 Motivation killer: Beating boredom Find out what is and isn’t boring for your team Promoting participation in transversal projects Project related contests Possibility to change projects or tasks inside a project Provide growth Activities outside the project

15 Motivation drivers: Provide development and empowerment Help workers achieve their dreams and aspirations Gratitude and listening Show you care: – Get personal – Send real gifts: fruit baskets, books,… – 1:1 meetings to gather information Have fun: – Photo contest – Song sharing – Telegram groups – Social media

16 Courses for Managers and Team Members Facilitate Team Activities 1:1 Consulting Skype: annadanes

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