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The beauty of Seattle 這是我曾經去過的旅遊地點,你知道嗎?蔚藍的天空, 清靜的河川,為什麼他們有如此漂亮之景致嗎?

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Presentation on theme: "The beauty of Seattle 這是我曾經去過的旅遊地點,你知道嗎?蔚藍的天空, 清靜的河川,為什麼他們有如此漂亮之景致嗎?"— Presentation transcript:

1 The beauty of Seattle 這是我曾經去過的旅遊地點,你知道嗎?蔚藍的天空, 清靜的河川,為什麼他們有如此漂亮之景致嗎?

2 The Chief’s Statement How can you buy or sell the sky, the warmth of the land? The idea is strange to us. If we do not own the freshness of the air and the sparkle of the water, how can you buy them?

3 Why did he write the statement? Students, do you know why? ? ? ? Who Can Tell Me? Because he heard that someone is calling for help.

4 Hi, I am Mr.Fighter. You can just call me Fighter. I am assigned to find out who is the killer of our environment. Therefore, follow me, let’s have a trip to see what makes our Mother Earth cry and how to protect our Mother Earth.

5 Our Mother Earth Is Crying! Because……… Air Pollution Noise Pollution Water Pollution Garbage Pollution

6 Mission Possible Today, my mission is to find out one of the pollutions. Garbage Pollution

7 Garbage is the stuff we don't need anymore, the junk we think is useless.


9 The five principles to fight garbage pollution 1. Recycle2. Reuse 3. Refuse4. Reduce 5. Repair

10 Recycling helps us use materials over and over again. Today, we are going to focus on “Recycling.” What is recycling?

11 Later on, you will see so many stuff. Smart boys and girls, let’s check what they are. ARE YOU READY? LET’S GO!

12 Paper box Aluminum can Plastic bottle milkjug milkcart Detergent jug newspaper jar book glass can cup envelope

13 Wow, there are so many stuff. Can you recycle them? Use your smart brain and cooperative team work, try to figure out. Here you can use the sentence pattern: ____ should go in the ____ trash can. Ex:1.Newspaper should go in the paper trash can

14 Plastic should go in the plastic trash can.______

15 Paper should go in the paper trash can._______

16 aluminum should go in the metal trash can.______



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