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Environmental Science Ms. Meltz. Please have a seat and.

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1 Environmental Science Ms. Meltz

2 Please have a seat and take some time to look over the notes worksheet. Look at the diagrams, and take a close look at the vocabulary words. If you can use prior knowledge to place any of the vocabulary words on the pyramid diagram, feel free to do so. During the video, listen for any of the vocabulary words listed on your page, and pay close attention to any diagrams explained in the video..


4 Food Chain = Flow of energy through trophic levels. Trophic Level = Position on a food chain based on how an organism gets energy. Food Web = Complex interactions between predators and prey represented by arrows. Shows several intertwined food chains.

5 Producers Consumers Carnivore Scavenger Predator Herbivore Omnivore Parasite

6  Organisms that produce their own food (autotrophs)



9  Organisms that cannot make their own food (heterotrophs)








17 A plant eating organism

18  A flesh eating organism  Predators- hunt and kill prey for food  Scavengers- eat dead animals

19 An organism that eats both plants and animals

20 Organisms that use dead organisms as food and return elements to the earth.

21 Lives off of another organism (its host)

22 Kelp Forest Video Free Willy Killer Whale Video Killer Whale/ Blue Whale

23  Put your name at the top of your sticky note.  On your sticky note…  Draw a food chain pyramid, explaining each level to the best of your ability. Please give an example of an organisms in each level.  Also, what can you tell me about the transfer of energy between each trophic level?  When the bell rings, hand in your paperwork and place your sticky note on the door as you leave the room.  Have a nice day!!!

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