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TOYS NO LONGER Why 3D Printing Can Change The World And How You Can Get Involved Graham Leach, Lecturer in Robotics School of Design (PolyU)

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1 TOYS NO LONGER Why 3D Printing Can Change The World And How You Can Get Involved Graham Leach, Lecturer in Robotics School of Design (PolyU)

2 THIS IS DEFINITELY NOT A TOY 2008: My 1 st 3D Printer Stratasys uPrint Dual Filament Heated Chamber 1.75mm ABS FOR INDUSTRIALISTS USD15,000.00

3 THIS IS NOT EVEN A TOY 2013: My 2 nd 3D Printer RepRap Prusa Mendel Single Filament Heated Print Bed 3mm PLA FOR ENGINEERS USD300.00

4 THIS IS AN UGLY TOY 2014: My 3 rd 3D Printer Printrbot Plus Single Filament Heated Print Bed 1.75mm ABS FOR HOBBYISTS USD500.00

5 THIS IS A PRETTY TOY 2015: My 4 th 3D Printer TinyBoy Single Filament Simple Print Bed 1.75mm PLA For Schoolkids USD300.00

6 The High Priests of 3D Printing Industrial 3D Specialists: Elite printing limited to certain experts only Very focused on rapid prototyping for production. Not normally allowed to “play” with the printer Every iota of machine utilization is accounted for This sounds (and feels) like old mainframe culture Very limited potential for innovation

7 The Rabble of 3D Printing Hobbyist 3D Enthusiasts: Usage of these printers is mainly limited to geeks A lot of resources are devoted to simply getting (and keeping) the machines up and running Geeks play with their machines a LOT, but there’s no easy way for non geeks to get started Filament is cheap - but relevance is weak To me…this sounds like early Open Source culture

8 Rabble Unite! Linus & Richard (Two Very Different Geniuses): In the early 1990’s a student named Linus put out an open call on Usenet to get help developing a Unix look-alike kernel wrapped with the GNU tools that Richard Stallman had spent years developing. I helped out with that effort. Coming in just the right way at the right time, Linus Torvalds was able to program, motivate and galvanize a global community to build Linux in a way that Richard Stallman never could have.

9 Open Source Crosses the Rubicon The Point of Inflection: Linux, after much experimentation, flirting with the desktop and other false starts, became relevant to normal people by powering the Web. This was largely because IBM and Microsoft have a major blind spot, whose revenue model was based on control and authentication, not an anonymous user space like the Internet. This left a gap for Linux to fill…so it did!

10 Where’s the LAMP of 3D Printing? The Linux Killer App Was Actually a Suite: After a decade of fierce competition, a cluster of technologies became the dominant eCommerce platform: Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP LAMP IS FREE – But it has made many people very, very rich. Some famous, some infamous. I wonder if 3D Printing still has things to learn from Open Source beyond its development model?

11 Why 3D Printing Amateurs Matter Staying Sharp: One of the interesting things that happened in the Open Source ecosystem was people would work on things until they got very, very good and then go off and start their own companies. Or they went to work for big companies that put their highly developed talents to good use by giving them big problems and deep resources so they could manifest their creative genius.

12 It’s All About the Money Disruptive Innovation: Disruptive Innovation triggers massive wealth transfer because it de-stabilizes the status quo, which creating new winners and new losers. Normally, the disruptive innovation catches the incumbents completely by surprise because it comes from outside of the domain of expertise they come from and the market that they are constantly scanning just to stay competitive.

13 The Rest is On YOU The Challenge: I think we can stay sharp, have a global impact and help guide the 3D Printing community to its own individual Rubicon moment, where normal people start saying “YES! YES! I GET IT NOW” My favorite killer app? CUSTOM PROSTHETICS where we change peoples lives by designing and crowd-printing new limbs for them much faster than their (broke/broken/slow) social services could ever hope to serve them.

14 Are We Going to Keep Doing This?

15 Or This?

16 What is the Killer App for 3D Printing?

17 The Killer App is Young People We can unleash amazing Innovation in the 3D Printing Community if we lower the cost and learning barriers to where Children (6-15) and Youth (16– 4) can build, calibrate and use a 3D Printer in a very short period, like a week. TinyBoy is focused on Youth The Inventor Academy is focused on Children

18 The Inventor Academy

19 We offer a short summer program for Children Our model blends creativity, leadership and independence so Children can confidently apply Innovation, which is the act of Invention 50% of the time our students experience the wonders of Nature, which inspires and unlocks 50% of the time our students do facilitated Making, like building and using a 3D Printer

20 The Inventor Academy In August 2015 we will deliver the first session of The Inventor Academy Delivery will be on beautiful Lantau Island, in the Forest, Beach and YMCA School & Camp This session will be limited to 15 Children Our Target is Talented Children aged 8 – 10 The Program Duration will be 7 to 10 Days The Cost will depend on Market Research

21 Thank You! Together We Can Enable the Kids!

22 The Inventor Academy

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