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W ELCOME TO K ENYA (CIA, 2012) 2 T HE S ILENT K ILLER 12% of Kenyans are hypertensive Over 10% of Kenyan deaths are due to heart disease Urbanization.

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2 W ELCOME TO K ENYA (CIA, 2012) 2

3 T HE S ILENT K ILLER 12% of Kenyans are hypertensive Over 10% of Kenyan deaths are due to heart disease Urbanization is causing a rise in non-communicable disease (CDC, 2012) (APHRC, 2010) 3

4 A C OMPREHENSIVE A PPROACH Treatment Mobile Clinic Expansion Prevention Awareness Campaign 4

5 M OBILE C LINIC E XPANSION Add AMREF mobile clinics and workers Outfit existing mobile clinics to combat CVD Ensure healthcare workers and traditional healers are aware of the risks of CVD Awareness CampaignMobile Clinic Expansion 5

6 D ATA C OLLECTION Provide tablets for data collection at mobile clinics Add CVD risk factor component to USAID Health Management Information System Requires minimal training Improves access to medical knowledge Collect phone numbers Awareness CampaignMobile Clinic Expansion 6

7 SMS R EMINDERS Text message reminders when clinic is nearby Awareness CampaignMobile Clinic Expansion Encouragement to return and lower blood pressure Include healthy lifestyle tips 7

8 Awareness Campaign A WARENESS C AMPAIGN Mobile Clinic Expansion 8

9 M OBILE G AME D EVELOPMENT Take advantage of existing infrastructure 40% of Kenyan cell phone users make less than $1.25 a day (Afrinnovator, 2010) Engage children with technology Afroes transformational games Encourage healthy lifestyles Build awareness of CVD / hypertension Awareness CampaignMobile Clinic Expansion 9

10 M OBILE C LASSROOM Mission: Education in the Prevention of CVD Community Meal Preparation – Show examples of healthy meals – Partner with local food vendors Community Gardening – Garden-In-A-Bag – Encourage Patients to grow healthy food Awareness CampaignMobile Clinic Expansion 10

11 C HALLENGES Violence in the slums – Security personnel part of operating cost – Provides jobs for Kenyans Not sustainable – Prove sustainability with collected data – Partner with other non-profits Food and nutrition classes not culturally relevant – Partner with local people and entrepreneurs to boost economy and ensure cultural sensitivity 11

12 P LAN OF A CTION Project ImplementationYear 1Year 2Year 3Year 4 Data Collection (target area of highest need)XXXX Outfit existing AMREF mobile clinics for CVDX Deploy new mobile clinicsXX Release Leo the Lion gameX Educational CampaignXXXX Monitoring attendance (measure impact)XXXX Maintenance of mobile clinicsXXX 12

13 B UDGET GoalItemCost Clinic ExpansionUpgrade existing mobile clinics$1,000,000 Establishment of 8 new clinics$2,000,000 Operational Costs$7,000,000 Mobile Data Collection$36,000 IT Infrastructure / Maintenance$400,000 Awareness CampaignLeo Community Trucks$900,000 Leo Advertising Campaign$2,000,000 Food from community partners$430,000 Mobile Game Development / Deployment$50,000 OtherNetwork with existing partners$500,000 Total$14.37 Million 13


15 O UR V ISION Expand existing mobile clinics to include treatment for CVD Increase awareness of CVD among healthcare workers, traditional healers, and the general public Improve data collection system to evaluate the success of the program Work with existing organizations such as USAID to guarantee success in Kenya Defeat the Silent Killer 15

16 R EFERENCES United States Agency of International Development. (2011). Kenya Health System Assessment 2010 [Data file]. Retrieved from: Muriuki, Betty. (14 Feb 2008). AMREF Mobile Clinics bring hope to Kibera. Retrieved from Osumba, Dr. Bill Martin. (Feb 2012). Kenya National HMIS Program (Afyalnfo). Retrieved from World Health Organization. (2009). Kenya Demographic Health Survey [Data file]. Retrieved from: African Population and Health Research Center. Cardiovascular diseases: risk factors among the urban poor [Data file]. Retrieved from Mutua, Will. Afrinnovator. (29 Sept 2010). What does the Kenyan mobile phone user look like? Retrieved from user-look-like-stats-from-buzzcity/ Central Intelligence Agency. (23 Mar 2012). The World Factbook – Kenya. Retrieved from Centeres for Disease Control and Prevention. (11 Aug 2011). CDC in Kenya: Why We’re Here. Retrieved from Afroes. (2012). Afroes Transformational Games: Transforming Africa through digital media. Retrieved from 16

17 P ARTICIPATION Forrest Brown: Clinic expansion, education component William Coe: Leo awareness campaign Wade Colburn: Leo awareness campaign Daniel Salo: Clinic expansion, data collection Eric Whitmire: Data collection, graphics 17

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