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ID-2050 Lecture #4. Review Last Week’s Assignments.

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1 ID-2050 Lecture #4

2 Review Last Week’s Assignments

3 Present Next Week’s Assignments

4 While I am away… Away 9/18-9/30 PQP meetings as scheduled (Jiusto) ID2050 in SL104 (Jiusto) Reading and Research (sponsors) Background and Methodology Mapinfo, Access, Excel training 1 st and 2 nd Draft of Proposal Web updates Teamwork assessments

5 Last 2 Weeks of A06 Mock-ups with real or fake data Final Proposal Final Presentation THURSDAY?

6 The First Draft Cover Matter Cover page, TOC, LOF, LOT 1. Introduction All 5 moves 2. Background Clear Storyline Some sections fully developed, some outlined 3. Methodology Intro text (mission, objectives, boundaries) Sub-sections (1 per objective) + paragraphs 4. Bibliography ONLY cited works APPENDICES A – Annotated Bibliography B-Z Other useful info

7 Sponsor Letter Samples on Line Contain Logos Thanks and Excitement Student Names Mission Statement and Objectives Pointed Question(s) Reference to Alias and URL 5’ Discussion (finalize at PQP)

8 Killer Graphs Graphics that say it all and encapsulate ideal outcomes Multivariate Maximize Data-Ink Minimize Chart-Junk 15’ Review of Killer Graphs Tufte Book(s) on Reserve

9 Killer Graphs - Datasets Next week Multiple datasets (for Multivariate) Format of Datasets Sources of Data 5’ Discussion during Killer Graphs

10 Teamwork Assessment Be Honest Be Open Communicate with each other with advisors Nip it in the bud! Discussion at PQP meeting

11 Methodology Introduction Move 5 Mission Objectives - LIST Define Domain of Inquiry Map of Study Area Clarify Temporal Aspects Give roadmap to rest of chapter

12 Mission and Objectives Mission - IDEAL Objectives - REAL Generate specific results 3 data collection 2 analytical Finalize at PQP (on AGENDA!)

13 Project Boundaries Domain of Inquiry - DEFINE Public Schools All grades? Area of Study - MAP Quincy All Brookline Intersections? Temporal Dimension - CLARIFY Satellite photos in Spring or Winter? Double-threats during rush hour or at night? 10’ Examples and Discussion

14 First Draft of Proposal Cover TOC, LOF, LOT Introduction Background (annotated outline) Methdology Introduction Objective Headings Methods and Tasks PEER REVIEW! QUALITY!

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