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Killer Whales: Sarah Baugh 3rd Grade Amazing Animals.

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2 Killer Whales: Sarah Baugh 3rd Grade Amazing Animals

3 Characteristics Mostly black with white covering three areas Stocky bodies with a rounded head, and beak Tall dorsal fins Large paddle-like flippers Blowhole on top of the head 10-13 pairs of large teeth

4 Killer Whale Traits

5 Habitat Orca whales live in waters ranging from the tropical to the arctic They live in both coastal waters and deep oceanic waters Orcas inhabit all seas world-wide.

6 What do Killer Whales Eat? Fish Squid Sharks Seals Whales Turtles Octopi People Birds An average-sized orca will eat 551 pounds or 250kg of food a day!

7 Let’s Compare Living Things Killer WhalesPlants Live in the ocean only Feed on small fish Need sunlight to survive Live on the land Need air, food, and water

8 Environmental Effects Orcas are in no danger, there are plenty of them. Some whalers catch orcas for meat and oil in parts of the world Others capture orcas live for public display –Sea World –Movies

9 Fun Facts Females have a longer lifespan Orcas are the largest type of dolphin Orcas are very fast swimmers. Orcas live in small pods of 6-40 whales

10 Comprehension Questions Name 2 traits of an orca. Where do orcas live? What do orcas eat? Name one similarity between orcas and plants. Are orcas in danger?

11 Works Cited Cetacea – –Orca/Killer Whale Information and Pictures Enchanted Learning – –Diagram of orca and information for “Orca Traits” Enchanted Learning – –Information and pictures Yahooligans Animals – –Pictures and information Kid Link – KIDPROJ/Plants/ –Picture green potted plants for compare page Microsoft Clip Art Gallery

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